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That’s a whole lot of Batista Bombs

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Batista is retired from pro wrestling. He’ll never come back to a WWE ring for a huge payday in Saudi Arabia. He’ll never come back for a match against the current WWE champion, Bobby Lashley. He’s never lacing the boots up again, period.

That’s why you can guarantee that the above WWE Top 10 video of Batista’s most dominant wins will be permanently etched in stone, with no new entries ever joining the list. That is, until WWE makes another one of these videos in a few years and makes some changes.

10. Powerbombs JBL onto steel steps
9. KOs Booker T with championship
8. Top rope Batista Bomb to Kane
7. Spinebusters Great Khali
6. Makes quick work of John Cena
5. Batista Bombs the Undertaker
4. Pins Randy Orton inside a steel cage
3. Referee stops match against Rey Mysterio
2. Ends the reign of terror Triple H
1. Beats Shawn Michaels in a stretcher match

Which walk inside that pit of danger is your favorite, Cagesiders?