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Lucha Libre Roundup: Dr. Wagner Jr. pneumonia recovery, Kalisto teases boxing bout, more!

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Welcome to the lucha libre roundup with quick hits of news from the masked sport. Dr. Wagner Jr. is recovering from health issues, Kalisto teased his next move, and CMLL announced participants for the Copa Dinastias tournament.

Dr. Wagner Jr. is in recovery from his first COVID vaccination shot. The effects hit him pretty hard, and he was ordered to 15 days of rest by physicians. Wagner underwent a radiological exam that revealed he had pneumonia. His status seems to be stable while using an oxygen tank. Wagner is 55 years old, so it is best to be safe. He posted a video providing a positive outlook and thanking everyone for the well wishes.

Kalisto teased his future. If you had boxing with Triller on your Bingo card, then you win! Triller is most famous for promoting Jake Paul fights and Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. Details are scarce, but one interesting thing to note is that Kalisto uses his old Samuray del Sol name in the clip. If Kalisto does enter the ring as a boxer, then I hope he gets to keep his mask on while fighting. That would fit with the Triller vibe.

CMLL’s next PPV event will be Copa Dinastias 2021 on May 28. It is available for streaming through Ticketmaster Live. The tag team tournament is made with dynastic duos of family members. Eight squads have been announced:

  • Ultimo Guerrero & Gran Guerrero
  • Sanson & Cuatrero
  • Felino & Felino Jr.
  • Gemelos Diablos I y II
  • Rey Cometa & Espiritu Negro
  • Volador Jr. & Flyer
  • Blue Panther Jr. & Black Panther
  • Atlantis & Atlantis Jr.

There are no clear favorites to win. Ultimo Guerrero & Gran Guerrero are former world trios champs with Euphoria, while Sanson & Cuatrero are the current world trios champs with Forastero. Volador Jr. and Flyer won the Torneo Gran Alternativa in 2018. The Diablo twins were treated to a special vignette for this event. Those will likely be the second round teams.

In other CMLL news, they announced that fans will return to the arena for the first time in 434 days. They will be welcoming 500 spectators starting May 21.

Averno has exited AAA. He had been with AAA since 2014 and led the OGT faction. Averno is focused on a feud with Caristico, even if that takes him to CMLL. Averno previously spent 19 years in CMLL.

We’ll close with this fun moment of Faby Apache doing the La Parka dance.

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