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Sin Cara knows why Triple H didn’t want him to succeed in WWE

Sin Cara (Jorge Arias) was released by WWE towards the end of 2019. That decision was made one month after he issued a statement requesting his release from the company. Sin Cara wanted out because it was obvious that there would never be any real opportunity for advancement in WWE. His situation in WWE was always a bit confusing because he was given the Sin Cara gimmick after the original performer who portrayed Sin Cara left the company.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Arias explains that he was never pushed as Sin Cara because Triple H didn’t want to look like a failure:

“[The original Sin Cara] didn’t cut out to be what they wanted out of him. Why not me now? And I always had that mentality. But it was tough, let me tell you why. Because imagine having this kid coming from Mexico trying to make him a big star, especially during that time when Hunter was trying to show the boss that he could take over the company. That was before NXT. And then he hires big Kharma, remember? And then she had to leave the company, I don’t know why the reasons. And then this is like the biggest signing that he had from Mexico comes in and he doesn’t do anything. So, in the eyes I think of Vince [McMahon], it was harder for Hunter to think, ‘Oh man, I failed twice now.’ You know?

And then the decision for the name of Sin Cara, of what I know, it was made by Vince to give me the name. So, I think I never got that opportunity or that support from Hunter because it wasn’t his project anymore. And if I succeeded, then it was a bigger failure for him, because he was the one that brought this kid from Mexico over to make him a big star.”

Sin Cara then gave the following response when asked if that affected his push:

“Oh yeah, big time. Big time. Big time. Because I wasn’t getting that inside support when they had those meetings trying to get people over.”

Do you think Sin Cara is onto something here? Would Triple H have looked like a failure if Arias succeeded as Sin Cara after the original was a flop?

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