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WWE edits Bryan out of clip of WALTER listing dream opponents

After delivering a banger with Tommaso Ciampa at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, NXT United Kingdom champion WALTER decamped for his beloved Europe.

That left us without the Finn Bálor clash we’ve been waiting for since pre-COVID times, or any of the other dream matches fans have been thinking about since the big Austrian signed with WWE in 2019.

WALTER was busy making Zoom calls this week. He scolded Imperium on Tuesday’s NXT, and he was Corey Graves & Vic Joseph’s guest on After The Bell.

It was there the Ring General kept our hopes alive for a showdown with The Prince (which we needed after the understandable but still disappointing news about TakeOver: Dublin), and also teased two other names that are probably on everyone’s list of “people we’d like to see WALTER chop”.

Although you’d only hear two of them in the above YouTube video they shared from the podcast, and the one they redacted was in the news a lot this week...

“There would be a bunch of guys [I’d like to face]. When I first got into watching other wrestling than WWE, I was watching a lot of Ring of Honor. Those guys are the top guys in WWE right now, so Daniel Bryan would be one of the matches I really wanted to do.

“Obviously, Cesaro... Never did [work with Cesaro], no. He left to America before I really got going in Germany, and in general he’s a great role model for all of us German-speaking WWE talent that just got in. He’s always been super-supportive, as soon as we step foot in WWE, he reaches his hand out to all of us to be supportive about it. And he’s a fantastic wrestler, so he would be one of the guys I would really like to face.

“Regarding NXT right now, the one match I really wanted to do before COVID has to happen is against Finn Bálor.”

The portion I highlight there is excised from the video. Was the edit made to remove the not-currently-under-contract wrestler? WWE’s usually not shy about mentioning ROH, which leads us to believe they didn’t want to tease a showdown that may never happen in one of their rings. But maybe they’re just keeping kayfabe and selling Bryan’s banishment?

Speculate away, and give us your fantasy booking for WALTER vs. Cesaro below, in the comments below.

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