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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (May 7, 2021): Rift in the Bloodline

Throwback SmackDown!

There wasn’t much to like about the physical “throwback” of this show. Okay they threw in the old logo, and they showed old clips and made it feel real nostalgic.

The only problem - SmackDown didn’t exist back then. If this were Raw, it would have felt more right. It almost felt like WWE was rewriting the history of their own brand. But I don’t think it’s right to fully blame WWE for this.

FOX has been doing a throwback week in honor of NASCAR Sunday, and it kind of felt like they weren’t given much time to really prepare. This is one of the few times you will see me give WWE a pass.

They do not get a pass for the virtual fist, though. Shame on you.

Let’s get into the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of Throwback SmackDown, check out the live blog by Rev. Claire Elizabeth!

Jimmy ain’t nobody’s bitch

The Roman Reigns saga since he returned has been legitimately the greatest storyline, for most of the wrestling world.

Around the Royal Rumble, it started to get a little bit stagnant, only because Reigns was kind of getting one dimensional. Anything he was involved with was still the best thing in WWE, though. By WrestleMania, things were looking up.

And now we’re here. Boy is it ramping up again.

Paul Heyman started the show by giving Daniel Bryan’s career its own 10 bell salute. Dude literally just said Ding! 10 times. That’s good shit, pal.

Reigns brought back the missing Uso brother. Jimmy came back in and Jey Uso was elated. Jimmy then looked at Reigns and gave him a hand shake. Immediately, I said “wait what about Hell in a Cell?” Silly me.

Cesaro interrupted the men, and Seth Rollins attacked him from behind. Teddy Long then came out and said that if Cesaro won the match, he gets a title shot at WrestleMania Backlash and Rollins was not happy. So Jimmy and Jey were outside for the match, and both men were being their disrupting selves, until Rollins decided he didn’t want help.

He shoved Jey, and Jimmy superkicked him. Cesaro did the Neutralizer and won. Uh oh.

One of the best moments of the show, Rollins went up to Reigns for their first interaction on SmackDown and said that he needed to know who he should be pissed at. Reigns said even though Jimmy was at fault, Rollins was also at fault for losing. But he’ll take care of it. That was a great interaction.

Reigns said he brought Jimmy back and then he screwed it up. He berated Jimmy and Jimmy said “First of all you ain’t talking to me like you do m brother. Second of all, I ain’t nobody’s bitch.”

My god.

Later, Jey went up to Jimmy and asked if he meant what he said, and Jimmy said that’s exactly what he meant. He called them the best tag team without Reigns and Jey is the reason why Reigns is the Universal champion.

Jimmy came out and interrupted Reigns, and asked who’s side Jey was on? And Jimmy finally addressed Hell in a Cell. And Jey was behind Reigns looking at him the way he used to. It was so subtle but masterful. Reigns said if he doesn’t want to fall in line, he can go home. So Jimmy started to walk out, and Cesaro attacked Reigns.

This was so important and incredible for the story. Jey went to save Reigns, but Jimmy was holding him back. Jey broke free, but it was only when Cesaro started attacking Jey that Jimmy got in the ring. Cesaro took out the Bloodline and stood tall to end the show.

There are so many layers here and I love it so much. Cesaro looked like a monster tonight and the addition of Jimmy here was so good. Where does Jimmy stand next week? I can’t wait to find out! This made me feel like how I did back in September when Roman’s feud with Jey started.

Is it next Friday already?

Bayley bests Bianca

Bayley came out to celebrate the history of WWE’s Women’s champions. Not mentioning Victoria was a big boo for me, though.

All of it was to make sure we knew that no champion in the past matched yup with Bayley, the longest single reign title holder in SmackDown women’s championship history. Bow down! Oh wait that’s someone else...

Bayley said that Bianca Belair is insecure, and that brought the champion out. Belair told Bayley she should worry about herself, and Bayley started laughing. She tried to attack Belair, but Belair was smart.

However, where she wasn’t smart, was not taking off her earrings before brawling, because Bayley grabbed her ear and it gave her the advantage. So Bayley laid out the champ, and I’m totally fine with it.

Bayley was doing some good work on this show so it’s fine. We know she’s not winning the title. And I can’t wait for Bianca to get the upper hand. We know what that ponytail is capable of.

The Rest

The heels beat the babyfaces (There’s just too many names. It’s a 10 man tag, y’all.)

Oh look - a 10 person tag involving people who are feuding with each other. Feels a bit familiar too, doesn’t it? Corbin’s End of Days being heavily protected makes me happy, even if Corbin is still doing this King shtick.

This is just nonsense

Reggie flipped out of a bunch of stuff and Nia and Shayna interfered when Tamina was about to win. Whatever. See you all next week.

Dominik Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler talked down to Dominik for being a little boy in a man’s world, so Dom decided to put himself in the match instead. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, Dolph.

Carmella defeated Ruby Riott

Carmella’s gear looks incredible. Really cool move where Riott grabbed Carmella with her legs and drove her into the turnbuckle. I’m sure she’s done that before but it’s been a while. They traded roll ups and I really liked Carmella transitioning into her submission from that. WWE will not do right by the Riott Squad and I just have to get over it.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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