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Jimmy Uso returns to WWE

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Tonight’s (May 7) episode of SmackDown kicked off with Paul Heyman eulogizing the career of Daniel Bryan, who was banished from SmackDown last week. Heyman made a mockery of the whole thing by holding a faux ten bell salute, using his own voice to simulate bell noises.

Roman Reigns said that Bryan wouldn’t acknowledge him as the Tribal Chief, so he’s gone. And they’re replacing him with someone who will acknowledge him.

That set the stage for Jimmy Uso to make his long-awaited return to WWE. He’s been out of action since last year’s WrestleMania due to injury.

Jimmy excitedly embraced his brother Jey, and appeared to be on the same page with Reigns and Heyman.

Roman Reigns has thrived as Universal champion with just one Uso watching his back. And just like that, now he has two Usos watching his back.

I don’t think that Universal title is leaving the family any time soon.

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