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Sonya Deville’s new t-shirt has a special kind of energy

Sonya Deville is kind of a big deal in WWE despite the fact that she hasn’t wrestled a match in 2021. Sonya has instead opted to take on an authority role, where she would absolutely never even think about abusing her power to screw over past enemies, like Mandy Rose.

Deville has recently been standing up to WWE Official Adam Pearce and asserting her own increasing power as a WWE authority figure. And now she has an appropriate new t-shirt to go along with the special kind of energy that she brings to the WWE product:

If I was in Adam’s shoes, I would just surrender now and relinquish all decision-making responsibilities to Sonya. There’s simply no way he can compete with her Big Deville Energy. I bet this new shirt is bold enough to even keep Lilly away from Daddy Deville.

What do you think of Sonya’s new shirt?

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