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What SmackDown is, and sadly might not be, throwing back to tonight


When WWE announced last Friday that this week’s SmackDown would be a Throwback episode, details were sparse.

So sparse in fact that reports indicated even the talent didn’t know what the theme night would entail.

The silver lining was that meant imaginations could run wild. And imaginations mostly ran straight to the iconic “fist” set the show used for much of its first decade of existence...

Sadly, the dream-crushers at Fightful Select have informed us we probably aren’t getting the a fist on FOX tonight (May 7):

“ of noon EST, the original fist was not set up in the arena, and we’re told that would generally takes some time to put together because of the size and weight.”

Some are still holding out for a digital fist to be CGI-ed into ThunderDome. And it’s absolutely possible. I mean, they project a giant Roman Reigns onto our screens every week before the real one appears...

WWE’s YouTube

What they have told us we’re getting is Drowning Pool’s “Rise Up”.

That song lasted as SmackDown’s opening theme for a while, roughly 2004 - 2008 (a recollection which seems to be backed up by some googling). And that means it overlapped with what’s apparently everyone’s favorite set design.

So don’t give up, true believers. We just might get fisted tonight after all.

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