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Braun Strowman takes control of his mental health

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Braun Strowman was featured in this year’s highly coveted WrestleMania match against the 51-year-old prodigal son, Shane McMahon.

The storyline for the feud was, for lack of a better word, stupid. Shane aimlessly rambled on the microphone in promos that were incoherent and dull, and he bullied Braun by repeatedly calling him stupid. He even followed it up by dumping two buckets of green slime all over the Monster Among Men. The story culminated at WrestleMania 37 in a steel cage match, where Braun got his revenge by throwing Shane off the top of the cage and definitely not onto a pile of cardboard.

Well, it sounds like the bullying theme of their WrestleMania story was loosely based on real life experiences from Braun’s childhood. In the above video, Strowman explains that he was bullied as a child, often by people he considered friends, over things like his weight and his learning disability. He doesn’t directly connect this to the WrestleMania story with Shane, but the link seems obvious.

Braun spends the better part of four minutes in the video explaining how he overcame bullying and took control of his mental health. Be sure to check it out if you want to hear Braun’s advice on how to effectively deal with toxic people and confront mental health challenges.