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Is this who caught Lilly’s eye?

On our latest trip to Alexa’s Playground on the May 3 Raw, Lil Miss Bliss foreshadowed her first feud since she destroyed(?) The Fiend at WrestleMania 37.

Bliss informed us that someone’s caught her imaginary friend/demon doll Lilly’s eye. She dropped a couple clues during her promo from the swing set, too. Alexa told us that Lilly’d been playing hide-and-seek all night, and that her favorite color is red.

Lo and behold, eagle-eyed wrestling sports entertainment watchers noticed that Bliss has learned a trick Bray Wyatt used to do with his imaginary friends/demon puppets from Firefly Fun House. And one of the places Lilly was spotted was lurking behind a red-suited Sonya Deville...

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No idea how a Bliss/Deville feud would work. While Alexa is doing this vaguely designed horror movie schtick, Sonya has settled quite nicely into her role as a vaguely defined authority figure. What beef could they possibly have with each other?

If this is leading anywhere - and it should be noted when Mercy, Huskus, Abby & the Fun House gang lurked behind a Superstar backstage, it didn’t always mean Bray/The Fiend was targeting that person - it’s more likely Lilly and Lexi have their sights set on the woman Sonya’s linked to in-story right now. I’m not sure how Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss works either, but it’s entirely possible WWE thinks Bliss is a babyface, so...

Stay tuned.

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