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Eva Marie confirms she’s coming back to wrestle in WWE

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While we’ve certainly been confused about Eva Marie’s character alignment upon her return to WWE, another thing hasn’t been so clear throughout all the vignettes teasing her return. What exactly is she coming back to do?

One rumor that made the rounds was that she wouldn’t actually be wrestling but rather helping another talent get over.

The latest teaser that aired for her on Monday Night Raw this week sure made it sound like she’ll be wrestling. If there was any doubt, she took to Twitter to clear it right up:

And then left us with this glorious image:

The Raw women’s division will only get more interesting with Eva in the middle of it. Charlotte Flair is about to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Raw women’s championship at Hell in a Cell while Nikki Cross is setting herself up as the next challenger after that. Beyond that, it descends into a chaotic mess mostly centered around the tag team titles.

Eva can’t get here soon enough.