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The Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin tag team is no more

This has been coming for a while now.

Cedric Alexander has been gradually building animosity towards Shelton Benjamin, dating all the way back to when they were doing their thing as members of The Hurt Business. Once they were kicked out of that group, for reasons we still aren’t aware of, they were living on borrowed time.

They’ve done nothing but lose since then, putting over literally every team they’ve gone up against, from The Viking Raiders to Lucha House Party. It was only a matter of time before they split up, and that’s exactly what we go on Monday Night Raw this week after yet another defeat:

“We went from being world tag team champions with The Hurt Business to this? Look at us! No wonder MVP and Lashley decided to kick us out. But no, let’s be honest, they didn’t kick us out — they kicked YOU out. It’s you, Shelton. I should have turned my back on you too. You were the weak link in The Hurt Business since day one. Ask yourself this question, Shelton: how many years have you been here? How long have you been here getting opportunity after opportunity after opportunity and watching it slip through your fingers? How many years do you have left? See, unlike you, Shelton, I’m in the prime of my life and I refuse to waste another second keeping yours alive. So just like you, this team is done.”

Shelton later responded to that by saying he allowed Alexander to speak his piece but if he keeps going, he’ll be the latest bright young star to fizzle out while Shelton continues to survive.

We shall see.

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