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Jericho thinks Vince may be second-guessing approving his interview with Austin

Because of Dynamite’s ratings since NXT moved to Tuesdays.

WWE’s YouTube

Chris Jericho is doing press to promote the Inner Circle’s Blood & Guts match against The Pinnacle on Dynamite this Wednesday (May 5).

While talking to Scott Fishman at TV Insider, Jericho was asked if he thinks his appearance on WWE Network’s Broken Skull Sessions will led to more collaboration between AEW and WWE.

His answer is pretty much “no”, for a couple reasons:

“It was lightning in a bottle sort of thing with [respective company heads] Vince McMahon and Tony Khan giving their approval. I think it was also well-timed. The Peacock relationship with WWE was just starting. They wanted something huge out of the gate. It was perfect for us considering AEW had its first unopposed show [without NXT]. Once that big Dynamite rating came in though, I think Vince may have had a little bit of second-guessing. Would they do it again? Maybe. I don’t know if you can find anyone with respect and goodwill on both sides that would allow that. If they don’t do it again, it was one of the coolest moments in wrestling history.”

I would agree with Jericho that there may not be anyone one else like him “with respect and goodwill on both sides” who could get Vince and TK to sign-off. Paul “Big Show” Wight might be the only other guy. Anyone else would could fit the bill - names like Dustin Rhodes, or Christian Cage - probably aren’t big enough draws for WWE that they’d give AEW free publicity to get them on one of their shows.

As to the rating thing, I’d imagine McMahon attributes that more to not having NXT on Wednesday as a firewall against Dynamite pulling big numbers than he does to a Jericho bounce from his chat with Stone Cold Steve Austin. But Chris knows Vince a lot better than I do.

Another topic Fishman hits is which of WWE’s recent releases Jericho would like to see in AEW. He plays it coy, but the name he mentions is one that some have suggested wouldn’t have been cut if Dynamite’s April 14 numbers had come in before the axe fell:

“I’m a huge fan of Samoa Joe. You can always use a guy like him on your roster.”

Let us know what you think about the Demo God’s take on Vince McMahon’s thought process, and check out his entire interview with TV Insider here.

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