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Drew McIntyre was so fired up for WrestleMania 36 he thought he could take Brock Lesnar in a real fight

Drew McIntyre’s autobiography, A Chosen Destiny, drops tomorrow (May 4, 2021). Some excerpts have been making the rounds, and this one shared by Inside The Ropes popped me.

Though the pandemic kept the moment McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar to reach the WWE mountaintop at WrestleMania 36 from going the way it should have, that didn’t stop the big Scot from being fired the f*** up.

So fired up, in fact, he convinced himself he could take out the former NCAA wrestling and UFC Heavyweight champion if Lesnar turned their work into a shoot:

“Brock swaggered out to take up my challenge and I saw the manic look in his eyes. You know when Brock’s into it. You can feel it. The air bristles with electricity. He generates a forcefield of malevolent energy and he was bringing that into that ring like he was about to have a brawl in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“If you could have read my mind, you’d have known I was thinking, If you pull a funny one out here, Brock, if you pull a fast one, I’ll drop you in a second. That was the stuff that was going through my head. I worked myself into such a frenzy of aggression that we could have done that match in a bar, no cameras there. I was so focused and fired up like I was going into a real fight.”

Love ya, Drew, and you’re one of the most impressive physical specimens I’ve ever seen. Glad you were dialed in. But if this ever happens, I don’t care how fired up you are - my money still would be on Lesnar. All of it. And any cash I can borrow, as well.

We’ll see what other tales McIntyre has to tell when A Chosen Destiny hits shelves tomorrow.

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