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Triple H & Undertaker react after Bad Bunny puts over pro wrestling to LeBron & Jay-Z

WrestleMania 37 showstealer Bad Bunny was one of the guests on the star-studded premiere of LeBron James’s HBO conversation show The Shop.

Most of the half hour episode is focused on one of LeBron’s other guests, Jay-Z. But one of the times Bunny gets to talk, it’s because the crew asks him about his experience with WWE. To say the former 24/7 champ puts over the pro wrestling/sports entertainment over in a big way would be an understatement.

It starts when James’s right-hand man Maverick Carter asks Bunny if wrestling is real:

Bunny: It’s real. It’s 100% real. No, it’s insane, the work. What it was like learning, the first days, they teach me how to fall, like the bumps - the bumps. You have to like [demonstrates without actually taking one]...

James: [laughing] Like some movie shit.

Bunny: I said, “How can these people do this like, I don’t know, 20, 30 years? Like the Undertaker, Triple H, like so many years, receiving that pain.’ It’s crazy, it’s crazy, but I love it.”

After bonding with the Los Angeles Laker (and fellow Taker fan) over their childhood love of wrestling, Bunny calls his experience, “the best moment of my life.” He also explained the commitment it took to make that happen.

“I moved to Orlando for three months, training every day, every day. I’m not recording any songs, I didn’t do anything about music.”

That prompts some banter from LeBron about how after playing in the NBA bubble in Orlando last year he won’t even take his kids to Disney World, and the conversation moves on.

But what happened was very cool, especially seeing LeBron light up when Bunny talks about wrestling (Hova seems much less impressed). It also earned the Canadian Destroyer doing Canadian even more respect from the pair of idols he namedropped.

Hurry up and come back, Bunny. Maybe you can get LBJ to join you next time. Tell him pretty soon it won’t mean coming to Orlando. Hell, if you do WrestleMania 39, he can stay right there is Southern Cali.

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