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Josiah Williams reportedly let go in latest WWE cuts

Wrestle and Flow creator Josiah Williams was reportedly laid off as part of WWE’s latest rounds of cost-cutting staff reductions. Fightful was first with the news.

This is the second year in a row the talented musician and host was let go by WWE. He was furloughed and brought back as part of their April 2020 revenue-ensuring roster moves. Since being brought back, Williams has proven himself useful both on-screen for projects like Cameron Grimes’ new theme, and online contributing to the spread of Nia Jax’s viral outburt.

It’s not clear if Williams was let go in the NXT releases which came out last week, or the behind-the-scenes layoffs we heard about this week. As someone who’s performed on-screen for the black-and-gold brand and done digital & production work for WWE, he could have been informed with either group.

Williams hasn’t commented on the report as of this writing, and still has NXT in his Twitter bio. If the reports are correct, it likely won’t be long until the man who rapped Adam Cole to the ring at TakeOver XXX (embedded above) find other wrestling work. In addition to Grimes’ theme, you can already hear him on entrance music in AEW and ROH.

Join us in sending the best to a talented dude.

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