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New Japan and WWE wrestlers are already calling their inter-company shots

Even according to the source of the report, a partnership agreement between New Japan and WWE is far from a done deal.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from making their crossover match wish list of dream matches. And what are wrestlers but fans who are also workers? It should be no surprise some talent from both companies are already leveraging the report for a little buzz.

A man who’s spent a fair amount of time talking trash through the Forbidden Door to an AEW faction is pitching a war of Polynesians. A war that actually started long before today’s rumors.

Methinks that one would end with Tama acknowledging somebody.

Coming the other direction, Drew McIntyre is similarly shooting for the top. He’s just being a little sneakier about it, and using today’s hot topic to remind folks about his #1 contender’s match on Monday’s Raw.

I’m not sure whether this one is coming or going, but if it happens, Jim Cornette will probably hate it.

Last but probably least (if only because it doesn’t exactly fit the overall theme of this post) is one from a man who recently passed through the Forbidden Door from NJPW to Impact.

Look, nothing is probably ever going to come from whatever talks Nick Khan’s been having with NJPW. Might as well have some fun with it.

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