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Alexander Wolfe explains how Triple H feels when NXT talent is wasted on the WWE main roster

Alexander Wolfe was one of several NXT and developmental talent who were released by WWE last week.

Wolfe lasted on WWE’s main roster for about one year as part of Sanity, with their television debut taking place on SmackDown in June 2018. Their push didn’t last long at all. By February 2019 they had to resort to tweeting to remind fans that they still exist. They returned to television just before WrestleMania 35 in order to lose a 3-on-1 handicap match against The Miz during his program with Shane McMahon. The group was pretty much done on the main roster at that point, with Nikki Cross being the only member who went on to have any kind of success beyond that point.

During an interview with Joey Karni on The Angle Podcast, Wolfe explained that Triple H eventually moved him over to NXT UK because he was being wasted on the main roster:

“And then I got the appearances for NXT UK and I was asking Triple H, ‘Hey what’s that all about?’ And he told us, ‘Yeah, I don’t want you guys to sit around here on the main roster and do nothing. I want to use your potential. So, I split you off and you go to NXT UK...start building NXT UK...’”

“...they totally dropped the ball on Sanity at the main roster. It was [Triple H’s] creation in NXT and it worked, and I think for him [it] was a little bit [of a] bitter pill to swallow that they kind of dropped the ball with us. So I guess he wanted to bring back [Eric Young] down to NXT ‘cause he was doing nothing in the main roster as well.”

Wolfe went on to explain that his one year on the main roster involved a lot of time at home and in catering:

“That one year of main roster experience just taught me a matter what they tell you in the beginning, nothing is guaranteed in that business. Especially not if somebody tells you, ‘Hey, they want to do something with you and you will be on every show!’ Yeah, three months later you’re at home, you know? And then when you’re at work, you’re in catering. So, it is what it is.”

Sanity is just one entry on the absurdly long list of NXT talent who have been quickly abandoned by Vince McMahon on the main roster. It’s always interesting to wonder how Triple H feels about there being such a glaring disconnect between talent evaluation on the WWE main roster versus NXT. According to Wolfe, it was a bitter pill for Triple H to swallow in the case of Sanity.

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