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A Stephanie McMahon quote that will make you go ‘Hmmm’

For your consideration, here’s WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon speaking at the conference on moving WWE Network to Peacock:

Now, it’s not that WWE doesn’t do either of those things well... some of the time. But for every instance where they do, such as recap video packages or Roman Reigns’s arc over the past year, there are at least as many instances where they don’t, such as the lack of innovation in how matches are filmed or the entire RETRIBUTION gimmick.

So I guess the optimistic way to look at McMahon’s quote is that perhaps managing a over-the-top network is what kept everything from being as good as video packages for PPV feuds and the Head of the Table’s angles. Now that NBCUniversal is handling their streaming business, they can put 100% of their energy into content production and storytelling. Everything will be top notch!

But after yesterday’s layoffs, there’s less people to do the work. And there’s still a creative bottleneck with Steph’s dad, Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. What I’m saying is, if you don’t choose to look at the CBO’s quote optimistically - I won’t blame you.

There are other interesting things to be gleaned from that clip. Peacock does offer subscribers a wider variety of content than WWE Network did, which offers more to wrestling fans than just wrestling, and could entice more non-fans to check out the company’s sports entertainment offerings. On the flip side, McMahon conceding they have less data to use when making decisions in this new model could be a negative. Or it could mean they’ll avoid analysis paralysis going forward.

I didn’t use that headline just to recycle an old Arsenio Hall gag.

What do you think of Stephanie McMahon’s quote?

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