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Randy Orton’s response to Riddle’s RKO is so very Randy Orton

Randy Orton’s Instagram

Apologies for being a little late on this - yesterday got kinda hectic, what with the international politics and business news and all. But it popped me, and in case you also missed it, I figured I’d see if it popped y’all.

In a post I did manage to get to yesterday, we covered how Riddle seems to be adopting the way of the Viper. Our latest piece of evidence came Monday night on Raw, when the former U.S. champ used Randy Orton’s iconic finisher on Xavier Woods.

Orton, who has admirably-if-disappointingly stayed out of the whole Jim Ross/Kenny Omega kerfuffle, noticed. And he had some thoughts on the guy he’s reluctantly tagging with using the RKO...

That’s our Randy. To paraphrase John Bradshaw Layfield, if you were to design a wrestler who doesn’t give a f*** and tweets like it from the ground up, it would look like Orton.

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