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WWE’s advertising some big returns for first SmackDown on the road

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We’re heard rumblings that John Cena might make an appearance at SmackDown in Houston on July 16. Whether or not that happens, it seems like WWE will be bringing back some big names for when they leave Florida for the first time in 16 months.

It’s not entirely accurate to say that Edge and Sasha Banks will be returns - at least not yet. We haven’t seen either since WrestleMania 37*, but they could be back before WWE checks out of ThunderDome in a couple months.

But they’re eye-catching names on the promotional pages for tickets to Toyota Center, and can’t be hurting today’s pre-sale. They’re also more likely than Cena to be there as part of ongoing storylines.

Does the presence of The Rated R Superstar and The Boss make you even more excited for WWE television with a crowd?

* Sasha cut a promo from backstage on the fallout edition of SmackDown, but hasn’t been seen in-arena since before ‘Mania.