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R.I.P. Larry-Steve

Alexa Bliss’s Instagram

We here at Cageside Seats have followed Alexa Bliss’s journey as a pig mom from the start. How could we not? Just look at baby Larry-Steve!

Alexa Bliss’s Instagram

As a lifelong haver-of-pets myself, I also know that losing them sucks. While I can’t imagine not having animals around, every time we have to say goodbye I question whether it’s worth it (hasn’t stopped me yet, just saying it hurts).

All of which is to say that our hearts are with Alexa today. This morning (May 25) she shared the sad news that Larry-Steve died.

Never been a pig parent, but Google tells me their life expectancy is in the range of 10 - 20 years. So while it’s always too soon, Larry-Steve’s death was really too soon. TMZ actually has details on what sounds like a pretty traumatic Monday for Alexa, if you’re interested.

We’ll just add our support to the outpouring Bliss is receiving in the responses to her post, and send Larry-Steve off to the next life with a “that’ll do pig”.

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