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Sounds like Nia is still hoping to avoid Raw’s intergender match next week

As expected, surprise pyro played a role in Natalya & Tamina successfully defending their WWE Women’s Tag titles against Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax last night (May 24) on Raw.

Neither Alexa Bliss (R.I.P. Larry-Steve) or her puppet friend Lilly made an appearance, however. So the big fallout wasn’t the official start of a Bliss/Baszler feud, or even a clear split between Nia & Shayna.

No, after the flames again threatened to blind Reginald, Baszler blamed him for the loss. At to get retribution (not to be confused with RETRIBUTION, wherever the remnants of that group are), she wants to face him in the ring next week!

So the Queen of Spades dismantling the Cirque du Soleil Sommelier? Sounds like it could be worth tuning in for next week. If Nia doesn’t ruin it by playing peacemaker, that is.

“The emotions are really high, he’s still recovering a little bit. Shayna’s upset, and I understand because we lost and nobody likes to lose. Reggie was only there to help, he can not help what happened to him out there. I don’t know what is going on, but we’re still focused - okay? And we’ll see what next week brings us.”

It better bring us Shayna putting Reginald to sleep.

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