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Kingston vs. McIntyre top contender match this week leads to Kingston vs. McIntyre top contender match next week


When Kofi Kingston scored a pinfall victory over WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, even with the assistance of Drew McIntyre, it seemed at least possible he could become the top contender to the title. Because, hey, we’ve been doing this Lashley/McIntyre thing for quite a while now.

Naturally, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw opened with McIntyre complaining that he still deserves a one-on-one rematch while Kingston also made his case for being deserving of the next shot. The easy solution: a singles match between the two, with the winner advancing to Hell in a Cell on Sun., June 20, 2021, at the ThunderDome inside the Yuenling Center in Tampa, Florida, to take on Lashley with the WWE championship on the line.

The match was actually pretty damn good, lasting the majority of the first hour and delivering in a way TV matches rarely do. So, of course, it ended via disqualification when Lashley interfered and there was no resolution.

Insert exaggerated sigh here.

A pissed off McIntyre and Kingston confronted Adam Pearce about this and he simply booked a rematch for next week’s episode of Raw. “Nothing’s changed,” he said.

Truer words...

We’ll see you back here next week, where we’ll probably be telling you we’ll be seeing you back here the week after.

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