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Charlotte Flair is serving Head of the Table-meets-The Queen’s Gambit realness

To this point in my fan life, I am not someone who would describe themself as a Charlotte Flair fan.

Charlotte Flair respecter? Sure. Recognizer of Charlotte Flair’s skills? Yeah, I can sign-off on that.

But The Nature Boy’s little girl has never fully clicked for me. A lot of that had to do with WWE (and possibly her) attempts to force a babyface character. But even when she’s been clearly heel in NXT, or during her 2016 rivalry with Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s title... she’s always been my least favorite WWE Horsewoman.

Maybe that will always be the case. I love the other three A LOT. But Flair’s spin on Roman Reigns’s villainous ‘Reality’ Era gimmick has been impressing the hell out of me lately.

Stuff like this pre-Raw bit of Twitter braggadocio is a perfect example of why.

Mixing the Head of the Table with Anna Taylor-Joy’s badass prodigy Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit for a killer line/pic combo that should both feature on her next mixtape?

That’s what’ll make me a Charlotte Flair fan.

Still gonna root for Asuka and/or Rhea Ripley to beat her. But that just means she’s doing her job.

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