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Zombies are only the third craziest thing to happen in a Lumberjack match, according to WWE

This is incredible:

So the word going around is WWE was able to secure something like a 7-figure deal to incorporate zombies into the Lumberjack match at WrestleMania Backlash. The move was met with near universal scorn, because pro wrestling is not like movies, even as much as Vince McMahon wants it to be, but it at least got people talking, right? Either way, it was definitely a crazy thing to do.

The craziest thing they could possibly do, right?


Not according to WWE, at least, who ranked zombies at number three on the above countdown list. So what’s crazier than a zombie attack?

2. Roman Reigns diving onto the Lumberjacks
1. Lumberjacks carrying Sami Zayn back into a match he was trying to run out on

If you’re going to do a bit of cross promotion like this you might as well go all out with it and actually commit, right? Third?!? Behind a dive and people carrying a guy back to the ring?!?

Oh, WWE.

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