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Jimmy probably won’t be this pumped after The Usos first tag match since 2020

The last time both Jimmy & Jey took us to the Uso Penitentiary? The Mar. 27, 2020 episode of SmackDown.

On that show, a #1 contenders match with The Usos old frenemies The New Day ended when then-champs The Miz & John Morrison crashed it. That was supposed to set-up a three-way tag ladder match for the belts at WrestleMania 36, but Miz wasn’t cleared. Jimmy got hurt in the singles match that happened instead, and only recently returned to full duty on the blue brand.

A lot happened while Jimmy was gone. Mostly, his cousin Roman Reigns (who was still setting up a Goldberg match when The Usos last teamed up) turned into a mob boss. And broke his twin Jey mentally & physically to rebuild him into his “Right Hand Man”.

Now, despite red flags all over the damn place - and direct warnings from Reigns - Jimmy is trying to get back to where he and Jey left off 14 months ago. He got The Usos booked for a match against Street Profits for next Friday (May 28).

He’s probably not gonna be this excited...

... when he finds out what the Tribal Chief told Jey about next week...

Roman didn’t bless this match, see. And he’s already told Jim a few things about disrespecting the Bloodline.

Lost in all this is that former champs Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins deserve to be more than supporting players in someone else’s drama. But if this match makes it to a decision, they’ll probably pick up a win they can build off of.

That’ll leave them better off than Jimmy probably will be next Saturday.

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