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Aleister Black’s latest chapter

We’ve been following along with this book of promos from Aleister Black, and this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown gave us the latest:

“Chapter 4.

“Father’s lessons are painfully etched on my body. This pain serves a purpose. You see, there is no lying with pain. It is honest. It is truth. And where would we be without this truth? Where would we be without this dysfunctional armor of agony? So let’s hear it for the bleak, desolate, misery in which we hide our deepest and darkest sins, sins that you embody.

“Father always said there is an art to being cruel and these creature’s blood is full of cruel thoughts and dreams. You all live proudly in your cesspool of sins and denial because it’s all you are. It has become your identity, to be loathsome and blind. You are sick and dying animals. And it’s time for me to separate the weak from the strong. As father taught me, it is time to cull the herd.”

I’m starting to get some real Bray Wyatt vibes from this, but we’ll see. I did quite enjoy that when WWE tweeted out a shortened version of the above promo, they simply asked “what ‘herd’ is he speaking of?”

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