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The biggest reason to be happy about live crowds returning at WWE shows

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WWE announced today that live crowds are coming back. There’s one big reason to love this, and it’s this:

Pro wrestling really only works with a live audience, but there have been performers who have done amazing things without one. Having said that, some of these wrestlers need a live crowd to do their best work and/or be utilized best by WWE.

That doesn’t only apply to Eva Marie, of course, but she’s the most obvious case. Whether they want to push her as a babyface or a heel, Vince McMahon will no longer get to decide the response to her. That goes for the likes of, say, Roman Reigns as well. As good as he’s been as a heel over the past year, perhaps fans are ready to start cheering for him again?

We’ll find out in July, and I couldn’t be any more excited for that.

Plus, hey, if someone is getting a big push and it isn’t getting over with fans, we’ll actually have an understanding of that.