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Vanessa Borne was shocked by WWE’s decision to release her

News broke yesterday about WWE releasing Alexander Wolfe, Jessamyn Duke, Drake Wuertz, and five other people.

Vanessa Borne was one of the names included on the cut list. In response to her release from WWE, Borne posted the following video on Twitter last night:

“Hello friends, family, fans. Today I got the call that I will no longer be a WWE superstar, which came as quite a shock to me considering all of the work I’ve done these past 18 months.

First, I want to thank the WWE for the opportunity these past five years. It’s been a fun ride. I also want to give a huge shout-out to all of the people and fans who have supported me throughout my wrestling career. Your kind words never went unnoticed.

To all of the haters and Twitter trolls, I want to thank you guys as well. You really motivated me and lit a fire within me. Just kidding; you people fucking suck. Be nice. It shouldn’t be that hard to be a decent human being to someone you don’t even know.

I’m really excited for this next chapter of my life and really excited to just be able to fully express myself. There are so many do’s and don’t’s, and faux pas in the wrestling business, and I feel like I finally don’t have to worry about what Captain Insano said in 2007, or if another one of my visionary ideas is going to be given to someone else. I can just be myself.

I have no hard feelings, no animosity, just a lot of good energy and love. I feel good walking into this next chapter, and I hope you are all there to witness it. Oh, and one other thing that I am disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to do in the WWE, and that’s wrestle zombies. Shucks.”

At one point before the global pandemic, it was rumored that WWE was very high on Borne due to her tremendous charisma and look; she was apparently earmarked for the main roster. That’s why WWE’s lack of interest in using her over the last year did stand out. She specifically points out all the hard work she has done over the last 18 months, which largely coincides with the period where WWE decided to not feature her.

Based on that and her words about visionary ideas being given to others, it sounds like she has an interesting story to tell at some point in the future, if she ever decides to provide more details.

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