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Best destinations for recently released WWE wrestlers

When one door closes, another one opens. Thus is life for the recently released WWE wrestlers. Now that the dust has settled, let’s have fun picking the best fit destinations for stars like Samoa Joe, Mickie James, and others.

Samoa Joe - Mercenary

Samoa Joe would be a big score for any promotion. Lots of dream matches await. Samoan Submission Machine versus Samoan Werewolf would be badass with Joe wrestling Jacob Fatu in MLW. Coming to the NWA to challenge Worlds Champion Nick Aldis would be money. Returning to ROH would be a cool sight. A match with World Champion Rush makes me giddy, but watching Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham trying to solve the puzzle that Joe presents is what I’d really enjoy. Imagine Joe heading back to Impact in an effort to bring home their gold from Kenny Omega.

Joe could also have a top feud waiting in AEW with MJF. Their history goes back to a fateful hallway encounter.

MJF clearly has not let that go. A similar moment was recreated in AEW.

There’s also the indie scene where Joe could challenge the Warmaster in Josh Barnett at Bloodsport. All those matchups sound great. It doesn’t even include traveling abroad to NJPW or elsewhere. That’s why I want to see Joe round out his career as a mercenary to hit as many marquee matches for big money paydays as he can.

Mickie James - ROH

Mickie James is another wrestler that would fit anywhere. She has history in Impact as three-time Knockouts Champion. AEW could always have use for a top talent in their women’s division. If Strictly Business breaks up in the NWA, then it would be fun to see James join her husband, Nick Aldis, in a couples fight against Thom Latimer and Kamille.

Those are all exciting options, however, I think James would be most effective arriving in ROH. They are kick-starting their women’s division once again with a title tournament. The inclusion of James would add instant legitimacy. Angelina Love is the only one with clout at the moment on the ROH women’s side. James could carry the throne setting up to pass the torch down the line to an up-and-comer.

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce - Impact

I’d like to see the the IIconics reunite, and Impact is the place with a pair of women’s tag team titles. Their style of humor would also be a nice fit in the Impact Zone. If Billie Kay and Peyton Royce did jump aboard, they would have a fellow countrywoman waiting with open arms. A faction with the IIconics and Tenille Dashwood would be amusing.

Chelsea Green - Impact

In my opinion, Chelsea Green doesn’t have established credentials yet. Unfortunately, she broke her wrist during her Smackdown debut and never received the opportunity to make a comeback. There is one promotion in particular that has proven to be a springboard into bigger things. That would be Impact. Green has history as a former Knockout Champion under the name Laurel Van Ness. Having success in Impact could lead to a return into WWE. Her creativity would also get a chance to blossom while in the Impact Zone. If Green wanted a different challenge, then kicking butt in ROH would do the trick.

Kalisto - MLW

This is a tough one. Kalisto has skills in the ring, but I think he would be overshadowed in AEW. Kalisto might also fall into the rut of the X-Division revolving door as just another competitor in Impact. One place he could stand out is MLW. They make an effort to target the Latino market, and Kalisto could arrive for hot matches ready at the helm with Lio Rush and Myron Reed.

Mojo Rawley - MLW

Mojo Rawley would do well to channel his rambunctious energy into becoming a stone cold heavy. I think joining the Contra Unit in MLW would allow Rawley to reinvent his wrestling persona.

Tucker - NWA

Tucker’s personality is a good match with the NWA’s blue collar babyfaces. They are currently positioning Trevor Murdoch as Nick Aldis’ next title challenger, and it has been received positively by NWA’s fans. Think about that. When Murdoch exited WWE in 2008, who ever would have guessed he would main event a PPV competing for a historic championship? That shows me Tucker could find his niche with the NWA fan base.

Wesley Blake - Impact

Impact teased bringing back Aces & Eights in last year’s Slammiversary talent hints. If Bully Ray is still available, perhaps Impact could roll the dice this year. The new crew would be in need of henchmen, and that’s where Wesley Blake comes in.

Bo Dallas - MLW

If Bo Dallas decides to return to wrestling, I think MLW would be a nice home. His blend of humor and technical prowess would fit well with the product. MLW has also shown desire to feature second generation wrestlers. The Von Erichs, LA Park’s sons, Brian Pillman Jr., Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Jacob Fatu are examples.

If you notice, I didn’t pick AEW as my destination for any of these names. I don’t think AEW needs more talent at the moment. Their roster is already reaching the point of bloatation without enough programming to properly feature everyone. If I had to pick one person, I’d go with Joe. I’m not going to turn down hoss fights against Brian Cage, Lance Archer, Will Hobbs, and others of that ilk. Joe can work the lighter schedule and focus on delivering one banger at a time. That’s not to say none of the released wrestlers could rise in AEW or elsewhere. Tay Conti and Deonna Purrazzo are examples of NXT washouts that shattered expectations to shine in AEW and Impact.

Where would you like to see each of these wrestlers end up? Which dream matches are you hoping for? Do you see any breakthrough potential?

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