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Carmella was particularly upset about WWE releasing Billie Kay

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During the same interview with The Bella Twins on their podcast where she discussed her belief that WWE needs to be reminded about the women’s revolution, Carmella spoke out about how upset she was The IIconics were released. In particular, she was really looking forward to working with Billie Kay, who she had just teamed up with for the gauntlet match at WrestleMania 37.

Before they ever got the chance to explore the dynamic between the two, of course, Kay was released. Here’s what Carmella told the Bellas about that:

“I don’t know what the right or wrong thing to say is. All I can speak from is my experience and we were super excited for this story. I felt like ‘okay, I’ve done this whole sexy gimmick that they want me to do or try to be sexy.’ Which is fine and it’s fun to be sexy, but I wanted to show my personality more, I wanted to show a little bit more of a fun side, and I was really looking forward to doing that with Billie. Like you said, our entrance alone, she was cracking me up. She was so funny. So I was really looking forward to seeing where that was gonna go. And obviously, unfortunately, we can’t do that any more. Even Peyton, those two are some of my closest friends. I’ve been here since they got here. So this was the first time I was like really rocked by a release. I’m like ‘wow, this is... these are my friends, not just my coworkers.’ So it’s definitely hard.”

Kay really was finding her footing on SmackDown, and despite the fact that she was given so little television time she was arguably one of the most entertaining acts on the entire show. Now, she’s gone and Carmella isn’t getting any TV time at all.

There’s definitely something wrong with all of that.