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Velour robe-wearing Seth Rollins lashes out at Uno-playing nerds Cesaro & Adam Cole

The Drip Master was a guest on today’s super-sized 100th episode of The Bump.

Kayla Braxton & the crew welcomed back several folks who were on their first show back in 2019... but we’ll get to them in a moment. First, let’s sit in slack-jawed wonder at the velour robe & oversized mirrored glasses combo Seth Rollins brought to the proceedings.

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From there, it was mostly about continuing his feud with Cesaro. Just a little teaser before we get follow-up on Rollins attacking the Swiss Superman after WrestleMania Backlash’s main event - and build toward a possible Hell in a Cell match next month - on SmackDown.

Things heated up when another O.G. (original guest) Zoom-ed in to the May 19 Bump. Actually, at first everything was cool between Seth & Adam Cole. The two looked back fondly at their November 2019 clash. Seth even teased a tag team! But then Cole swore his allegiance to Cesaro, his friend & co-star from UpUpDownDown’s Uno-playing quarter, DaParty. Then it got spicy.

Cole: I hate to have to do this, because Seth knows how much I respect him, he really, really does. I think everybody knows how much I respect Seth. But I’m DaParty all day. And I am Cesaro all day. He is one of the most talented men who I have ever seen perform, by far. Seth, I know you’re going through an issue with him. I know you are, and I understand that. But again, to say the things that you do say about Cesaro - it makes me a little sick to my stomach. The guy is a once-in-a-lifetime performer. He really is.

Rollins: [Laughing] A once-in-a-lifetime Uno performer? Is that what you’re talking about? He’s so good at the Uno game, that you’re so impressed that you want to come to his defense here on The Bump. You can’t even do it in person? You’re so much of a coward that you have to do it over the phone? I’m over here talking about how I think the world of you and you’re going to attack me over the phone?

So, I was the first guest, I’m on the 100th show here - I’m never coming back. I’m never coming back to this show. Blame Adam Cole - he ruined it. We were having a great time, the five of us, he comes in here and he has to talk about Cesaro and his Uno playing skills because they’re part of DaParty on the UpUpDownDown? What is this crap, what is this garbage? It’s such nonsense.

Cole: I’m talking about the guy who beat you at WrestleMania.

Rollins: Are we trying to draw money here, we trying to make money or are we just being idiots? Sounds like we want to play video games with our friends. Bunch of nerds, dorks! Alright guys, I’m out. I’ve had enough...

It’s all very good, as we’ve come to expect from the iteration of Rollins. The Undertaker-like attack on WWE’s preeminent video gamers is really next level stuff, though.

And that robe? Forget about it.

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