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McIntyre gives himself a nickname to match his giant sword

Just a totally normally Twitter exchange between two men who just conspired to defeat a professional wrestling sports entertainment champion...

Other than just posting Archer memes, I’m not sure that I have anything else to say about it. The threads beneath both Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston’s tweets do a good job of covering that and just about every other joke you can think of, too.

I guess my only other observation about this interesting exchange between a man with a giant sword and his friend with a twerking addiction is... did someone at WWE just realize that “Big D___” is a double entendre? It’s possible Drew & Kofi have just gone rogue here for a little social media fun, but how else do we explain this so soon after the company dropped Sonya Deville’s latest merch?

So, anyway, yeah, I have no idea how to close this post out and not get fired. So I’ll just quote the man himself and remind you that “Big D is always there for the lads”.

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