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There’s no way Eva Marie is a babyface

It was just a couple weeks ago that my partner in word Sean Rueter was contemplating Eva Marie’s character in light of Dave Meltzer mentioning the belief that WWE sees her as a babyface. There are reasons to believe that, considering this is Vince McMahon’s WWE and everything is driven by his, shall we say, often bizarre world view.

But there’s just no way this is a babyface:

“Behind the scenes, it takes a team of people to make the vision of a movie happen. I couldn’t be where I am today without the people who have guided me down the right path. Growing up I wanted to be a heroine like Angelina Jolie. And now that I am, I don’t want to just play a hero, I want to be a hero. I might be a star but a star’s purpose is to show others the way. I want to be a figure that little girls look up to and say ‘I can be that.’ This is Eva-lution.”

That’s tongue-in-cheek, right? That’s someone spouting off a belief she has but one no one else will share, which makes her distinctly heel.

It’s likely she’ll debut before the ThunderDome era comes to an end and we’ll get an idea of exactly what WWE wants her to be because they control the crowd response in that setting. If we hear cheers, well, then I guess they really do believe her to be the babyface.

That could work out wonderfully in the end anyway. We’re not far away from live crowds with paying customers the McMahon family can’t control.

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