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A very good moment between WWE’s first father/son Tag champs

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Rey & Dominik Mysterio made history as WWE’s first father/son Tag champs at WrestleMania Backlash, but our heartstrings have already been tugged on several times.

The scene of the Mysterios in the ring after Dom won the belts using his Uncle (and kayfabe Papi) Eddie’s finisher. Mama & Aalyah Mysterio crying on Watch Along. This tweet from the Master of the 6-1-9:

The SmackDown Tag Team champions’ appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation today (May 17) - embedded above - is bookended by a couple tearjerker moments. Rey kicks it off by saying winning the belts with his son is “on a different level” from all his other accomplishments in the business. The segment closes with the pair looking at photos of Dom messing around in the ring with his old man as a child.

In between we get my favorite bit, though. Just a quick scene recognizable to fathers and sons everywhere as Rey & Dominik tease each other about passing the torch... and height.


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