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Of course Chris Jericho has a joke about WrestleMania Backlash’s zombie attack

Which unsurprisingly ties in to a rumor about WWE’s reaction to AEW’s Blood & Guts match.

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - March 28, 2019 Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In case you completely avoided the wrestle web* during the WrestleMania Backlash show last night (May 16), WWE integrated some in-ring action into their promotional deal with Dave Bautista’s new movie Army of the Dead.

The lumberjacks for The Miz’s match against Damian Priest were made up as zombies, and they acted as lumbering, brain-craving undead throughout... even appearing to devour Miz & John Morrison.

Fans and observers had opinions on this (mine is that it’s the kind of cross-promotional silliness you’re going to occasionally get from pro wrestling in general, and a corporation like WWE in particular. I’m fine with and was even sports entertained by it, because it was confined to a storyline that’s been about interacting with the larger entertainment world from the get go, was presented with tongue firmly planted in cheek, and all involved sold the hell out of it).

Other wrestlers also had opinions on it. That one of them was AEW’s Chris Jericho, or that he would tie his comment to a dirt sheet rumor about WWE’s reaction to his Blood & Guts match, should come as no surprise.

Pretty clever, which is really all you can ask for from these shots that aren’t going to stop because they play well with a segment of the fanbase. Probably not the last one, either - I’d bet either a Young Bucks Twitter bio or Tony Khan’s weekly appearance on Busted Open will include a dig about zombies, too.

Welcome to another week in pro wrestling.

* A move I probably shouldn’t advocate for as someone who makes a living off your #engagement. But as a fellow human being who wants you to have as few bad brain days as possible? I highly recommend occasional breaks from all online #discourse.

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