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Hell in a Cell comes early this year

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about WWE’s PPV schedule this year. But we hadn’t heard this one. The company announced during the WrestleMania Backlash broadcast that next up on their calender is... Hell in a Cell?

All 12 previous iterations of the Hell in a Cell event have taken place in October or September. The 2021 version will happen on June 20.

June 20 is Father’s Day in the United States. It’s also a date we first heard for Backlash, and then for Money in the Bank.

All these changes are likely - as was the case with WrestleMania 37’s dates coming together late - due to the company’s efforts to move out of their ThunderDome set-up and return to performing in front of live crowds as quickly as possible. The latest reports indicate they’re hoping to do that in mid-July. Which could mean that whatever comes after Hell in a Cell on the reworked 2021 calendar will be on the road with an in-person audience.

Stay tuned.

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