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WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2021 results, live streaming match coverage

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WWE WrestleMania Backlash is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., May 16, 2021) from the ThunderDome inside Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida at 7:00 pm ET, live on Peacock and WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable or satellite provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of WrestleMania Backlash below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


  • Roman Reigns def. Cesaro
  • Bobby Lashley def. Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman
  • Bianca Belair def. Bayley
  • Damian Priest def. The Miz
  • The Mysterios def. Dirty Dawgz
  • Rhea Ripley def. Asuka and Charlotte Flair
  • Sheamus def. Ricochet


Nothing, we’re doing nothing, sitting and wondering why nothing’s happening. Everyone was there in a wooden chair doing nothing, but me? I’m here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The pre-show opens with Kayla Braxton introducing her panel, tonight consisting of Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg. They preview tonight’s card as usual.

At one point we get footage of Dirty Dawgz beating Dominik Mysterio up backstage. They ram an inexplicable couch into him and tip it over on him, trapping him before running off and leaving road agents and referees to try and free him from under the couch.

Sheamus makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says he’s issued open challenges over the last couple weeks to anybody that wants to stand in the ring with the champ, and tonight’s gonna be no different. It won’t be for his gold, because you need to earn a title opportunity, but he’s still giving the honor to anybody that’s in the back and ready to step up.

It’s Ricochet!

Ricochet vs. Sheamus

Ricochet runs in, big corner dropkick, duck a lariat, forearm connects, right hands, Sheamus catches the kick, Ricky slaps him, and the Celtic Warrior drops him with a lariat! Pressing the attack, uppercuts in the ropes, whip across, the One and Only with a front kick, but he runs right into the Irish Curse! To the apron for the Beats of the Bodhran, fishhooks follow it and he stomps Ricochet to the mat on the break!

Ricochet with knees from the mat, a jawbreaker for separation, chops connect but Sheamus cuts him off with a kick! Block the back suplex, back elbows on back elbows, an enzuigiri follows it up! Ricky up top, diving lariat, quebrada... NO GOOD! Looking for Benadryller, Sheamus slips out, sunset flip but Ricochet gets clobbered with a knee!

Leapfrog into the corner, lungblower finds its mark and Ricky rolls under the ropes. Lining it up, springboard 450 splash... THE CELTIC WARRIOR KICKS OUT! Up top again, another 450, nobody home, duck under the Brogue Kick, Sheamus clobbers him...

Sheamus wins by pinfall with a knee strike.

Post-match, Sheamus gets on the mic again.

He says he’s issued more open challenges than anyone in WWE history— RICOCHET BLINDSIDES HIM! Ricky tears his hat and coat off and puts them on. He leaves and tells Sheamus from the ramp that he’s coming for the title again.

We go back to the preshow panel for one last round of breakdown and predictions.

The main show kicks off with a video from Batista promoting his new film.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley (c) (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)

Circling, Flair bails to the floor, Asuka gives chase, Ripley does a pincer, Charlotte slides back inside and cuts her down with a lariat! Asuka with an Uraken, Rhea with a nearfall and then they get into a shoving match and kick the Queen to the mat! Whip across, Asuka nails Flair with a hip attack through the ropes, victory roll on Ripley for one, sunset flip roll-through, looking for an armbar takedown but Rhea rolls through!

Kick to the corner, hip attack, Asuka to the floor and Charlotte hits a fallaway slam! Back up on the apron, cut Rhea off on a dive, trading punches, back inside, Ripley off the ropes, shoulder block goes nowhere, jawing, another shoulder block, a third try and Falir cuts her off with a knee lift! Fallaway slam, putting boots to her in the corner, Asuka comes back in but Rhea cuts her off with an enzuigiri in the turnbuckles!

Flair takes Ripley out at the knees with a lariat, heads back inside with Asuka and chokes her in the turnbuckles. Rear chinlock over the middle rope, stomp to the ear, only a one-count! The Empress fired up with palm strikes, she gets a cross armbar locked on but Flair is able to post over her and get into the ropes! Asuka goes right back to it but Rhea breaks it up with a stomp!

Asuka floats over a suplex from Charlotte, waistlock broken with an elbow into chops, Ripley cuts her down with short-arm lariats into a ripcord heel kick! Dropkick to Asuka, the champ fired up, cravate knee lifts, roll through, basement dropkick! Bridging northern lights suplex... ASUKA BREAKS IT UP! Alarm Clock gets an upkick gets a buzzsaw and Rhea is down!

Backfist, German suplex, another one, hip attack for Ripley, roundhouse kick for Charlotte, chest kicks for both of ‘em once they’re kneeling! Sliding knee on the apron for Rhea, Charlotte knocks her down in turn, headed up top... FLAIR WITH THE MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Putting Asuka back inside, Flair ends up jockeying for position in the turnbuckles with Ripley.

Asuka gets under them both and then climbs up... DOUBLE SUPERPLEX ON CHARLOTTE! All three women down and kneeling, trading desperate strikes, Flair fights out of another double suplex and chop blocks both women, double Natural Selection, double pin... NOT ENOUGH! The Queen goes for a moonsault, nobody home, Asuka with the Codebreaker, Flair rolls away, the Empress counters Riptide into the Asuka Lock but Rhea fights out!

German suplex denied with elbows, Asuka pulls Ripley into a boot from Charlotte! Asuka Lock, Flair reverses, figure four denied, roundhouse kick, Asuka Lock attempt, Rhea pulls her away, reverse roundhouse, low-bridge Charlotte ot the apron but she nails Asuka with a big boot! Ripley is right on her, pumphandle...

Rhea Ripley wins by pinfall with Riptide on Asuka to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Charlotte points at Rhea, calling her shot for the next title shot, one supposes.

We see footage from earlier today of Bobby Lashley and Montel Vontavious Porter entering the building.

Miz and John Morrison are hanging out backstage.

Miz scoffs at the idea that he’d run from Damian Priest and blames Morrison for getting into this mess. John says he’s gonna go chat with the lumberjacks and convince them it’s in their best interests for the A-Lister to win. Miz asks how and Morrison says he’s gonna go thirst trap ‘em, which leads the A-Lister, understandably, to suggest that Morrison doesn’t know what that means.

We see Rey and Dominik in the trainer’s room.

The medic suggests Rey find a new partner, Dominik wants to go but he can’t put any weight on his feet so Rey says they’ll find another opportunity and he’s got this.

Dirty Dawgz (Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode) (c) vs. Dominik & Rey Mysterio (WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship)

Mysterio fighting alone against the odds here, low suicide dive under Roode and onto Ziggler! Rey with a comeback, seated senton to the floor takes Robert out! Back inside, drop toehold into punches, victory roll for two but Roo drops him with a lariat! Dawgz work Rey over in the heat segment, he manages to get some separation via kicks but Dolph is able to trip him up and hang him in the tree of woe!

Robert with kicks and chokes in the corner, referee Jessika Carr has to force him to break and Mysterio falls to the floor in agony! Ziggler with a DDT to the knee, back to the heat segment, wheelbarrow Fameasser... CAN’T KEEP REY MYSTERIO DOWN! Roode slides Rey out of the ring and right into a kick from Dolph! Carr makes her count... AND REY MAKES IT BACK AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!

Mysterio fights the champs off and Dominik is here, clutching his ribs but ready for the tag! Tijeras puts Ziggler in the ropes, blast Roode off the apron, Dolph hits the Zig Zag... NOPE! Robert legal, big gutbuster on Mysterio, fireman’s carry, headed to the second rope but Rey fights out with strikes... AVALANCHE BULLDOG AND THE PATH IS CLEAR!

Back elbows, a dropkick, tag to Dominik! He blasts Dolph off the apron, right hands, whip across but Roode hits the spinning spinebuster! Powerbomb / neckbreaker combo... DOMINIK KICKS OUT! The champs work him over and tell him he should have stayed down, but Dom wakes up and lands a superkick before Dolph can! Tags made, Rey gets rolling but Roode hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two!

Mysterio sends him in the turnbuckles with a tijeras, 619 in the corner, tag to Dominik, sunset flip powerbomb into the barricade, Dom up top...

Dominik & Rey Mysterio win by pinfall with a frog splash from Dominik on Robert Roode to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, the new champs are interviewed in the ring.

Rey talks up how they’re the first father/son tag champs in WWE and he’s on top of the world right now. Dominik says it’s an honor and a blessing to share this moment with his dad and it’s time to celebrate.

John Morrison knocks on the lumberjack locker room door to make them an offer—

But when he opens the door it’s full of zombies and he walks away, leaving the door open for them to stumble and moan on through.

Jimmy Uso is waiting outside of Roman Reigns’ dressing room before opening the door and walking in.

The camera is right behind his back, obscuring his path, until he steps aside and we see Jey Uso. He asks Jey where Roman is, and both of them should have their names on the dressing room door as well, or if not, they should have their own room and be tag team champions again. Jey says he doesn’t need this from him right now, and Reigns rolls up.

Jimmy tells Roman he just wanted to wish him luck tonight and walks off.

John Morrison describes his zombie encounter to the Miz, but he’s not buying it. They wander off and see the zombies lumber through the area.

Commentary reads a tweet from Batista apologizing for not being able to make it but promising that several of his friends (ie, the zombies) did.

Damian Priest vs. the Miz (Lumberjack Match)

The zombies come to ringside during entrances and they’re our lumberjacks I guess.


Feeling out, Miz goes out briefly and back in, Priest with a flapjack, Miz low-bridges him and he brawls with zombies! Back in, big boot for one, Damian knocks him back outside and the A-Lister crawls under the ring to escape the zombies before returning to the ring and getting laid out with a lariat! Shinjiro Ohtani spinning wheel kick for two, hip attack, up top, the diving version of the wheel kick... NOPE!

Miz goes for the figure four leglock, no dice, they spill to the floor and brawl with the zombies for a while. Back in the ring, Priest hits the Broken Arrow... STILL NO! John Morrison does a run-in, nails Damian with a kick, Miz hits a Busaiku knee... NOT ENOUGH! Morrison on the barricade to evade the zombies but they pull him down and... eat him?

Anyway, Priest has it...

Damian Priest wins by pinfall with Hit the Lights.

Post-match, Priest leaves Miz to be devoured by the zombies? Is he dead? Is Morrison dead? Does any of this matter? Can any of this matter? Sigh.

We see Braun Strowman warming up backstage.

Cut to Jey Uso walking backstage and calling Jimmy out.

He says Roman doesn’t need any family distractions, and Jimmy says even with Jey in his corner Reigns might lose the title, and then what are you gonna do about it? Maybe the name on the dressing room door should say “Roman Reigns and his bitch.”

Jey fumes and Jimmy walks off.

Bayley vs. Bianca Belair (c) (WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Collar and elbow, go-behind, standing switch, another, Bayley stomps her foot to reverse again. More reversals, Bayley goes through the ropes and takes a breather. Back in and back to the lockup, Bianca with a wristlock into an arm drag into an armbar, riding Bayley’s back. Threatening the hair whip, Bayley flinches, shoots her off, drop down, drop down, leapfrog, back roll caught into a victory roll for two!

Waistlock, O’Connor roll, Bianca to the second, backflip up and over, dropkick into a kip-up and the champ is fired up! Hard whip to the corner, Bayley slips through to the apron on a second but Belair hip tosses her back inside! Handspring, Bayley evades and heads to the floor again for a breather. Shoulder block on the floor, back in, handspring moonsault for two!

Bayley clubbering her, beating her down, jockeying for position over the ropes, Bianca hits a vertical suplex! To the floor, Bayley suplexes Belair into the steel steps to shift the momentum! Straight suplex onto the floor, back inside, cover for two! Back inside, Bayley with a back elbow, a crossbody, caught, slips out, fireman’s carry spin-out slam goes a little sloppy and only gets a two count!

Bayley waiting for Bianca to get to her feet and she gets dropped with a backhand for mocking and taunting the champion! A flurry of kicks, hip toss, a biel, a boot, spinebuster... NOPE! Belair looking for KOD but Bayley slips out and hits her with a lariat! Up top, diving elbow... STILL NO! Looking for the through-the-corner dropkick, Bianca evades but gets put face-first into the post!

Suicide dive, Belair sidesteps, Glam Slam into the apron! Back inside, cover for two! Backslide, Bayley with her feet on the ropes, only two! O’Connor roll, this time referee Danilo Anfibio catches her and tells her if she does it again she’s done! Trading punches, whip blocked and Bayley claws at Bianca’s eyes! Handful of braid, ripcord into the Bayley-to-Belly... BUT BIANCA KICKS OUT!

Disdainful slaps to the back of the head, grabbing the braid again, Roseplant blocked and countered...

Bianca Belair wins by pinfall with a victory roll to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Montel Vontavious Porter is interviewed outside of Bobby Lashley’s dressing room.

He says that Braun’s display of destruction last week shows that he makes poor business decisions and lacks the intellectual capacity to be WWE Champion. Drew McIntyre’s sharp enough to see the picture and know that it’s no good for him, and everybody knows that Lashley is at a disadvantage in a triple threat, but he’ll overcome any obstacle you put in front of him because he’s the All Mighty.

We see Drew McIntyre being intense.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Drew McIntyre (WWE Championship)

Strowman with Stinger splashes on both other guys but he gets caught by Lashley’s reverse STO! McIntyre puts boots to Braun, Bob freight trains the monster and beats him down on the mat! Lashley with a front chancery, asking Drew to help, knee lifts into a double vertical suplex! Whip across, McIntyre with a belly-to-belly suplex to Lashley, headbutt to Strowman, Bob pulls him to the floor and puts him face-first into the apron before driving his back into the barricade!

Fireman’s carry, Drew slips out and puts the champ into the post, knee lifts, cannonball off the apron from Braun takes both guys out! Taking Lashley back in, chokeslam... NOPE! Looking for the Hurt Lock, but McIntyre takes both guys out with a diving crossbody! Overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the champion! Sidestep Braun into the post, charge in, back body drop to the apron, up top, diving lariat into a kip-up and Drew is fired up!

Duck a lariat from the monster, jumping neckbreaker drop, Lashley breaks it up! Wailing punches in the corner, overhead belly-to-belly from Bob on Drew! Spinebuster on Braun, cover... STILL NO! To the floor, Lashley throws McIntyre into the barricade, fireman’s carry and he rams Drew’s head into the post! BRAUN WALLOPS BOB WITH THE STEEL STEPS FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!

Drew takes Lashley to the overturned steps and spikes his face into them! Looking for a suplex on the ramp, Bob reverses and hits one of his own! Fighting to the edge of the ThunderDome LED boards, jockeying for position, headbutt puts the champ into a board and McIntyre smashes his head into the boards over and over BEFORE THROWING LASHLEY THROUGH THEM! SPARKS FLY!

Strowman comes after him and throws him down the ramp before freight training Drew into the apron! Back in the ring, clubbing McIntyre down, off the ropes, big senton, only two! Drew with the comeback, Michinoku Driver, only two! Action to the floor, Strowman goes for the pounce but Drew counters with a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor!

Charging in, Claymore... BRAUN COUNTERS WITH A POWERBOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Dragging Drew back towards the ring but he goes limp! Braun gets him inside, scoop and McIntyre slips out, off the ropes, Claymore! Lashley’s back and he throws Drew out... SPEAR! IT’SOVER!

Bobby Lashley wins by pinfall with the spear on Braun Strowman to retain the WWE Championship.

We get a hype reel for Hell in a Cell, which is happening in June this year for some ungodly reason.

We see Jey Uso at Gorilla gassing Roman Reigns up, but the Big Dog takes issue with his “we” stuff and tells him that he sounds like his brother right now so he should go find him.

Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns (c) (WWE Universal Championship)

Circling, collar and elbow, into the corner and then the ropes, out of it, struggling, and finally referee Dan Engler calls for the break and Reigns obliges. Back to the lockup, side headlock, into the takeover, shot off, shoulder block, cover for one and right back to the headlock! Cesaro shifts gears into a couple of quick pins, forcing Roman to head to the floor for a pep talk from Paul Heyman!

Back inside, Cesaro with a waistlock, Roman slips out, shoulder thrusts in the corner, whip across, springboard corkscrew uppercut lays Reigns out! Double leg into a giant swing attempt but Roman gets the ropes and breaks free with upkicks before dumping the Swiss Superman to the floor where he lands awkwardly on his elbow!

Back in, uppercuts, whip reversed and Reigns chops him down with a backhand! Throwing Cesaro into the post, sending him crashing to the floor! Back inside, cover for one, Cesaro shaking the cobwebs off as Roman locks a reverse chinlock on. Shift to a cravate, Cesaro counters into deadlift suplex attempts but Reigns suplexes him for a nearfall!

Right hands in the corner, kicks, Cesaro with some of his own in return but he gets cut off with the big slicing right and put back in the cravate! Body blows, shot off, leaping lariat cuts him off, cover for one! Off the ropes, Roman catches him with the Samoan Drop... NOPE! Duck the Superman Punch... SWISS DEATH! Charging uppercuts, a big boot... ROMAN KICKS OUT!

Pick the leg, hamstring kicks, elbow drops to the knee, Sharpshooter applied in the middle of the ring but Reigns gets the ropes! Reigns to the floor, Cesaro off the ropes... AND DOES A TORNILLO?! Following after him, charging uppercut, back inside, diving crossbody... STILL NO! Grabbing Roman by the ear and drawing him up on the apron, thinking deadlift superplex but getting into a striking contest!

Short-arm big boot, wrenching Cesaro’s bad arm over the turnbuckles, putting his shoulder into the post, back inside, cover for one! Wrenching the arm, arm wringer, calling Daniel Bryan out before hitting the shoulder armbreakers! Cesaro gets an uppercut in and Reigns comes off the ropes with a lariat! Cesaro flexing life back into his bad arm, refusing to give up while Roman jaws at him and punches him in the head!

Knee lifts in the corner, repeatedly, off the ropes, big boot and Engler checks on Cesaro. Roman jawing, Cesaro with uppercuts and boots, discus lariat connects but it sends him writhing in spasms of pain on the mat! Heyman shouting words of encouragement at Roman as Cesaro stalks after him, going headbutt for punch, uppercuts as he gets to his feet, punches and kicks in the corner!

Drawing Reigns up in the turnbuckles, shaking life into his arm... DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Headbutts and stomps to the knee... DOUBLE STOMP TO THE CHEST! Looking for the Neutralizer but his arm gives out and Roman hits an elbow to set up a Fujiwara armbar! Wrenching it in, reversed to an Oklahoma Roll, only two! Springboard... SUPERMAN PUNCH CUTS HIM OUT OF MIDAIR BUT CANNOT KEEP THE SWISS SUPERMAN DOWN!

Cesaro clutching the injured arm, both men rise to their feet... HE COUNTERS THE SPEAR WITH AN UPPERCUT BUT HIS ARM GIVES OUT ON SWISS DEATH AND THE GUILLOTINE IS LOCKED IN! Cesaro posts up on his hands to ease the pressure, onto his feet, deadlift spinebuster counter! Nearfall while he crosses the legs for the Sharpshooter, raining punches down... THE SHARPSHOOTER IS ON!

One-handed, sitting back, wrenching it in, grabbing the arm and shifting to an arm-trap crossface! Rolling Roman into the middle of the ring, hanging on for dear life but Reigns breaks his grip! Grounded forearms, hammering Cesaro over and over, deadlift Liger Bomb... CESARO KICKS OUT! Determination playing across Roman’s face, perhaps finally being forced to take Cesaro seriously as he goes back to forearms on the mat.

Cesaro catches his hand and powers out of it! Monkey flip, Roman right back on him, gator roll into the guillotine choke! The veins on Cesaro’s head bulging, he deadlifts the champion... SPINEBUSTER! Reigns with forearms, going back to the guillotine, Cesaro going limp, the fight starting to leave him but he’s able to peel Roman’s hand off!

Reigns reapplies, bodyscissors sank in... IT’S OVER!

Roman Reigns wins by submission with the guillotine choke to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Post-match, Jey Uso comes to ringside with a lei for Roman, putting it on him to acknowledge him once again as tribal chief and head of the table.

Reigns gives him the nod and Jey superkicks Cesaro and beats him down!

Seth Rollins makes his entrance in a white blazer that looks like someone spilled paint all over him, and he gets in the ring with Roman and squares up to him briefly before breaking out in a wide grin and attacking Cesaro! He takes the Swiss Superman to the floor and smashes his hand into the steel steps before throwing him over the announce table and smashing his arm into it again!

The screen cuts briefly to some kind of test pattern before resuming with Seth hammering Cesaro with chair shots and asking him what he thought was going to happen. He threads Cesaro’s arm through the chair and uses it to wrench the arm, trying to dislocate it! He screams in Cesaro’s face about how nobody makes a mockery of him before smashing the chair into the ringpost!

Cesaro writhing in agony... BLACKOUT ON THE FLOOR!

That’s the show, folks.

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