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Ted DiBiase bought property in Orlando just to drive Cameron Grimes nuts

Still not sure where it’s headed in terms of in-ring action, or even if that’s the plan. But the game of one-upsmanship The Millionaire Dollar Man Ted DiBiase has been playing with Gamestop & Dogecoin tycoon Cameron Grimes sure has been a hoot. At least for my money.

Get it!?!?!

Anyway, on last week’s episode of NXT, we saw DiBiase take down Grimes in an auction for a piece of prime Orlando real estate.

Now, the Hall of Famer’s revealed why he’s buying Central Florida property. So he can roll-up to the Capitol Wrestling Center next Tuesday (May 18) and send Grimey to... the... moon!

I mean, look at what happened when he found out DiBiase was secretly funding Alicia Taylor & McKenzie Mitchell’s What’s NeXT YouTube show?

This probably won’t help NXT’s ratings... as the old saying goes, funny don’t draw money. But that’s what that Steel Cage North American championship match is for, right?

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