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The Miz was proud of his incredibly short reign as WWE champion

The Miz won the WWE championship at Elimination Chamber 2021 (Feb. 21) only to lose the belt eight days later, in a Lumberjack match on the Mar. 1 episode of Raw. His incredibly brief championship reign ranks among the very worst of all time. The Miz won zero matches as the defending champion; he ran away and got counted out in his first title defense, and then he was squashed to lose the title later that night.

That’s one way of looking at it. But the Miz chooses to look at it a different way. During an interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, the Miz explained that he’s proud of what he accomplished on those two episodes of Raw when he was the champ and put over Bobby Lashley:

“I think as a WWE Superstar you always want to be that guy. No matter how long you have it. Whether it’s a month, a week, a day, an hour, a minute, it doesn’t matter. If you win the WWE Championship, you are that guy for that particular amount of time and it is your job to showcase the prestige and honor that everyone before you did.”

“I was just proud that when he covered 1-2-3, and the lights went out, and the show was over, we had a lumberjack match and all our fellow WWE Superstars were around. You could hear an eruption of applause, not just from the WWE Superstars, but from the production crew as well because we all knew that Bobby deserved to be WWE Champion, and it was a great moment for everyone, in my opinion.”

Do you think Miz’s positive attitude on his recent time as WWE champion will help him win the coveted title again in the future?

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