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Randy Orton didn’t get what he wanted at WrestleMania 37

Randy Orton recently appeared on The Kurt Angle Show, where he talked about his experience last month at WrestleMania 37.

Orton expressed how grateful he was to have live fans back for the event. He soaked it in so much that he took his “sweet ass time” during his entrance to enjoy that missing feeling. However, due to the nature of how sound travels in a limited capacity outdoors situation like that, as well as the presence of weather elements, the overall noise level still was nowhere close to normal. Orton thinks it will be necessary to sell out an indoors arena to truly restore that special missing ingredient provided by the fans:

“To really be able to hear right when you do something, being able to hear that response right then and there, I think that helps so much...wrestling in the ThunderDome, wrestling in front of those monitor screens...when you take the fans completely out of it, you’re kind of just guessing...I’m really looking forward to getting in there like on a Monday Night Raw, being somewhere like the Staples Center where it’s just jam packed, and you can just feel ‘em. I’m still missing that. I didn’t get that fix at WrestleMania.”

Given the rollout of vaccinations for COVID-19 and revised CDC guidelines for vaccinated people in the USA, it might not be that much longer before Randy gets his wish.

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