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WWE ranks the 10 best catchphrases today

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It takes more than just fancy moves and footwork to make it to the top of WWE. Mic skills are a must, as are catchphrases that can be shouted by the audience and plastered all over merchandise.

To that end, the above video includes WWE’s list of the top 10 catchphrases today:

10. Asuka: “You are not ready for Asuka!”
9. Cameron Grimes: “To the moon!”
8. Paul Heyman: “That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
7. Adam Cole: “Adam Cole! Bay Bay!”
6. Bray Wyatt: “Yowie wowie!”
5. Seth Rollins: “Embrace the vision.”
4. Roman Reigns: “Acknowledge me.”
3. Bayley: “Ding Dong, Hello!”
2. Street Profits: “We want the smoke!”
1. Braun Strowman: “Get these hands!”

I didn’t realize that “Embrace the vision” was a popular catchphrase. I’m sure I can find a better choice. For example, how about, “WWE stands for Walk With Elias.”

Outside of that, the main thing that stands out to me is that babyface Drew McIntyre might want to figure out how to get his name added to this list for the next time. That Claymore countdown simply won’t cut it.

What are your favorite catchphrases in wrestling today, in WWE or otherwise?