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Humberto Carrillo reacts to his match being stopped on Raw

The finish of Humberto Carrillo’s match against Sheamus on this week’s (May 10) episode of Raw didn’t go according to plan. A sunset flip powerbomb spot was the culprit, resulting in Carrillo laying on the ground in obvious pain. With both men down and out, and Carrillo in clear distress, the referee stopped the match and declared Sheamus the winner.

While we didn’t know the exact nature of his injury with 100% certainty, everyone gave a sigh of relief when Carrillo was said to be okay the next day, and capable of wrestling if needed.

With that context in mind, Carrillo has commented (via Twitter) for the first time since that scary scene played out:

Last night was the first time I couldn’t finish a match in my whole wrestling career, but when you push the limits as I do anything can happen in a split of second. This is not over Sheamus .... untill next time!

Carrillo is setting things up to continue his story with Sheamus, but Sheamus says it’s time for Humberto to fall to the back of the line:

Sheamus is even taunting Carrillo about the Dublin Smile:

What a jerk. I have a feeling that Sheamus hasn’t seen the last of Humberto just yet.

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