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At least some of the WWE women’s roster isn’t happy about Eva Marie’s rollout

But who are Bayley & Mandy upset with? Are they just working? It’s hard to tell given how little we know about Eva’s character.

We had some questions about what WWE’s going for with the Eva Marie vignettes on Raw the past couple weeks. Mostly, they had to do with whether or not she’s supposed to be a cheered or booed by fans.

That might be on the list of questions Bayley and Mandy Rose have about the Eva-lution. But for starters they seem to have a few things they’d like to take up with creative about why they use the same ideas over and over when it comes to the women’s roster.

Having Eva call herself a “super role model” when Bayley’s been calling herself “The Role Model” for months is the kind of lack of attention to detail WWE is known for. Throw in forgetting about one of the hardest working pro wrestlers on the roster for the shiny new sports entertainer, and you have the perfect recipe for fan backlash.

Which, I still don’t know if I trust WWE to be doing something as smart as orchestrating said backlash. Especially when the moves necessary to ensure it happens look so much like their standard operating procedure. But trying or not, they’re making all the right moves to ensure Eva has the same heat she had during her last stint on SmackDown.

For her part, Eva is trading Twitter shots with both women.

Going back and forth with a clear heel like Bayley could be a sign she’s playing a face, but given (a) that it’s not happening on screen, (b) their history as rivals, and (c) the fact heels don’t have to get along - I don’t think it is.

But wait! Now Eva is graciously agreeing not to use the “Super Role Model” catch phrase? That’s a little confusing, but it’s still just online (and despite her skill at playing a bad girl, Bay’s a big softie who really loves wrestling and supports everyone involved), so we’ll see how it plays out on screen.

I mean, she is out here thanking Kendall Jender for teaching her how to have her picture taken...

... they know that’s going to get her booed, right?

Whether they do or not, this is going to be wild to watch.

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