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Shayna Baszler’s latest loss comes via Alexa Bliss’s voodoo

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Raw’s opening match last night ended with Shayna Baszler’s latest loss.

It happened in trios action, so it didn’t add to her abysmal singles record. And it was overshadowed by the pre-match drama about who Alexa Bliss is targeting now that she’s vanquished Bray Wyatt, and the post-match drama caused by Charlotte Flair’s blindside attack on Asuka.

But it was in there, coming after the Empress of Tomorrow blasted Nia Jax off the apron, and nailed Shayna with a shining wizard.

Oh, and also after Alexa and/or her imaginary friend Lilly the doll hit her with some hoodoo that caused her trick knee to flare up.

WWE’s YouTube

If you’re looking to see if Lexi or her smiling, swinging pal did something, there was no clear sign that they were responsible for making Baszler’s leg turn to jelly. But aside from Corey Graves commenting that whatever happened was “bizarre”, there was no other explanation offered. So it doesn’t seem outrageous to presume this was the latest example of Bliss’s powers.

Certainly doesn’t bode well for whoever Lilly does have her eye on. Or any fans hoping WWE was going to leave this supernatural story behind after WrestleMania 37.