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Jinder Mahal is shooting for another WWE title run

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With Veer and Shanky by his side, who’s gonna stop him?

Signs have been pointing to Jinder Mahal’s return to Raw, and last night (May 10) it happened.

The Modern Day Maharajah showed up with upgraded* muscle in the former of Veer and Shanky, who were known in NXT and at January’s Superstar Spectacle event as Indus Sher. Not that he needed them to beat Jeff Hardy.

If that wasn’t enough for Jinder to announce his presence with authority, he and the fellas were Kevin Patrick & R-Truth’s guests on Raw Talk. There, former WWE and United States champion made it clear he’s got big goals for himself now that he’s finally back on television.

Jinder’s coming for the WWE title, the U.S. title, he’ll help Veer & Shanky win Tag gold - heck, Truth might not want to hear it, but he’ll even take his green & gold baby.

Before he gets pushed into the main event, I’d like to see them try something like Drew McIntyre’s idea first. If they move to fast, I’d worry that Jinder might end up with Truth in the currently dormant 24/7 championship scene.

What do you think the future holds for Mahal?

* No disrespect to the Bollywood Boyz, whose bumping for Randy Orton was a real highlight of Mahal’s 2017 SmackDown run, but combined I don’t think Samir & Sunil Singh outweigh either Veer or Shanky.