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Carrillo said to be ‘okay’ after scary scene on Raw

The Sheamus/Humberto Carrillo match on Raw last night (May 10) ended abruptly after a sunset flip powerbomb spot went awry. This video is cued up to the moment it happened, as all of Sheamus’s weight appears to come crashing down on Carrillo’s mid-section.

Initially, observers were split as to where/how Carrillo was injured, with speculation about his knee, hip, or shoulder. The immediate concern, as you can see on the young man’s face, was that he didn’t seem to be able to move his legs.

After the official checked on both men, he called for the bell and signaled that Sheamus was the winner (meaning that whatever the planned finish was, the Celtic Warrior was going over).

That’s the least of anyone’s concern, of course. Fortunately, we can share good news about what everyone’s concern was. PWInsider, Wrestling Observer, and Fightful Select all report that Carrillo is “okay”. Dave Meltzer of the Observer says the 25 year old could wrestle today if he had to.

Thanks goodness.

We’ll keep you posted with any updates - including if this will become part of an angle that keeps Carrillo on our screens.

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