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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (May 10, 2021): Just call it Backlash

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Raw couldn’t quite keep up the momentum from last week.

That’s a shame, but I think that is mainly because, as I’ll be addressing in a moment, WWE is repetition. This is not just a Raw problem. SmackDown has it, too, but SmackDown also has Roman Reigns.

And Roman Reigns is THE best thing in WWE wrestling right now.

Charlotte Flair and R-K-Bro are second and third.

WrestleMania Backlash is on Sunday, and I’m still trying to understand why it’s called that. There was no need. Most WrestleMania matches have been ran back, and some of them ran back more than once! Why?

Let’s get to the main hits and misses of this show. For a full rundown of Raw, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

I am bored by this

I didn’t want to put this as the top of the features, but man I have to.

Okay, so before WrestleMania, I was very much into Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. They were genuinely exciting and I was super into Lashley as champion.

Then WrestleMania went and I started not caring anymore. That’s because the former RETRIBUTION members MACE and T-BAR suddenly got involved for what I thought at first was a reason, but then they disappeared. Braun Strowman was involved at the same time, and they just did back to back repeat booking with he and McIntyre. It was dumb.

Leave it to WWE to quite quickly get me to not care anymore. Just a matter of a few weeks, really. Now I’m not caring about one of my favorites from last year, Drew Mac, one of my favorite new champions in Lashley, one of Raw’s best talkers, MVP, and it just makes me sad.

There was a match. Strowman interfered and caused a stoppage. He attacked both men. Okay.

Boring. So much repetition. See y’all on Sunday.


Nothing like some big juicy stakes. (Vegan “stake” for me, thanks!)

The Fashionable Damian Priest talked to Adam Pearce and made it so that in this match with the Moist Wanted, whoever won got to pick the stipulation for the Priest and Miz match at WrestleMania Backlash.

Morrison started off their match with a lot of urgency. A lot of hard strikes and kicks that look great. Miz got involved and kicked Priest in the face without the referee seeing. That was after they both got in each other’s face before a commercial. Weird time to cut to a break there since it looked like he might have been getting distracted enough to get counted out.

Priest came back with a bunch of nasty kicks and forearms of his own. Miz kept toying with him and Morrison was going to do the Spanish Fly, but Priest broke out of it.

And then silly Miz ran back last week. Once again, the referee was distracted by him on the apron, and Morrison had the match won, but the ref didn’t get there in time. Now Priest gets to pick the stipulation for the match on Sunday. So he went up to Adam Pearce and said he wants a Lumberjack match so Miz couldn’t run away.

Miz has been very entertaining the past few weeks in this role as Cain A. Knight called it in the Cageside offices, “obnoxious ringside asshole.”

Very accurate, and probably why I’ve been enjoying him more.

Since Bad Bunny has been gone, Miz and Morrison have been way more entertaining. If that’s what the sacrifice is for Bunny not being around, okay!

The Rest

Charlotte Flair is wonderful (Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka)

We’ve seen this match two times. We’re going to see these women in a triple threat on Sunday. So I’m watching this match going yeah okay seen all of this before, and then The Queen came out. Everything changed.

By the way, I should mention that The Queen really is the whole reason why this match happened, because of course! She’s not called The Opportunity for nothing!

Flair got on commentary and all I could focus on was her talking. I don’t pay attention to people on commentary usually. But when Saxton asked her the obvious thing we all want to know of what’s up with her and Sonya Deville, Charlotte replied “I didn’t hear you. Blah blah blah” HAHAHAHAHA. It was wonderful. Charlotte is wonderful. This is such a great new iteration of her character.

Oh yeah and Rhea won.

Asuka, Brooke, and Rose defeated Flair, Jax, and Baszler

Oh look - a 6 person tag involving people who are feuding with each other. Feels a bit familiar, doesn’t it? This started out as a standard match, and then Alexa and Lilly popped up on the stage. Bliss said that Lilly was keeping her eye on one of the six women in the ring, and they continued rocking on their swing as the match continued. I genuinely burst out laughing at that, and how the announcers then were trying to make all of that sound sane as they continued calling the action.

....And then Baszler lost control of her legs and Asuka pinned her to win the match. Yes, y’all. Lilly possessed Shayna for a moment and stopped her in her tracks so she could get pinned. Made her legs wobbly and all. Wow. Remarkable. Great way to end the match. By the way it would make the most sense for Alexa and Lilly to target Rhea Ripley, right? After all, she did toss Alexa out of the Royal Rumble but WWE probably forgot about that already.

Riddle, Orton, and New Day defeated Styles, Omos, Elias, and Ryker

Oh look - an 8 person tag involving people who are feuding with each other. Feels a bit familiar, doesn’t it? Y’all, Omos is highly entertaining in the ring and I did not expect that to be the case. I love his growling and facial expressions. Riddle just vibing with New Day with Orton shaking his head for being in this situation was great. The heels did a great job isolating Woods in their corner until he was finally able to tag Riddle who has no wasted movement. He’s a great hot tag. Orton took advantage of New Day being New Day and RKO’ed Elias to win.

Then because he felt like it, Orton RKO’ed Woods and Kingston. Riddle screamed “How are we going to have friends?” LMAO! Xavier was great because he did not telegraph that RKO so I was startled by it. That’s good stuff.

I love all of this.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Cedric Alexander

Prime Alexander was in control and tried to really put the hurt on Benjamin. Benjamin went to do Pay Dirt and Alexander was continually able to duck it. Alexander just trash talked and kicked Benjamin around, until Shelton just did a suplex outta nowhere and got the pin. That was a great ending. I thought Cedric was winning but that was the best case scenario for right now because Cedric will get that big win soon.

Well this sucks

Sheamus and Humberto Carrillo were having a decent match, and then Carrillo did a Sunset Flip powerbomb from the ring to the floor, and it looked like Sheamus came down hard on Carrillo’s knee and they stopped the match. Hope he’s okay!

Jinder Mahal defeated Jeff Hardy

The Maharaja is back, I guess. And he brought some back-up named Veer and Shanky. Big boys. Sorry Jeff.

Grade: C+

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?