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WWE NXT results, live blog (May 11, 2021): Two championship matches

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: Raquel González defends the Women’s title against Mercedes Martinez, Cruiserweight champ Kushida deals with his old foe Santos Escobar in a two-out-of-three falls match for the belt, Karrion Kross tangles with Austin Theory and MSK takes on Breezango in non-title action, Oney Lorcan faces Kyle O’Reilly, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


We’re live from the Capitol Wrestling Center. It’s showtime!! Our opening video package is a reminder that KUSHIDA and Santos Escobar will go two out of three falls tonight for the cruiserweight title, and that Raquel González will defend her NXT women’s title against Mercedes Martinez. We also get a warning from Karrion Kross: “Austin Theory... time’s up!”

Karrion Kross vs. Austin Theory

Johnny Gargano and Theory are already waiting in the ring when Scarlett and Kross make their smoke filled black and white entrance. I can’t imagine it’s good for your lungs to crawl around breathing all of that fog machine smoke, but Scarlett is committed to the act. Theory and Gargano stand outside the ring watching, Theory takes a big comical gulp, and Gargano pushes Theory toward the ring. The smoke hasn’t even cleared before the bell.

Theory tries knee strikes and gets pushed away with ease. Theory tries a dropkick and Kross blows it off and manhandles his opponent. Beal across the ring. Theory avoids a charge to the corner and tries a shoulder tackle. He’s taken down with a short arm clothesline. Kross overpowers Theory, hits a shot to the gut twice, and a boot to the face wipes Theory out. Kross chokes him with a boot to the head while his neck is on the ropes. Kross warns Gargano to back off as he crushes Theory’s hand under a big boot. Theory gets the knees up with Kross charging but Kross gives him a Saito suplex in response. Gargano distracts the ref and Theory hits an illegal eye rake. Kross and Theory spill outside and Theory rams him into the plexiglass and gives him a DDT to the floor. Kross is almost counted out but Theory goes out to the floor to continue the attack and throws him back in. Knee strike and ground and pound to the prone Kross. Kross fires up and shoves Theory away. Theory snaps his neck off the ropes and hits a dropkick for a one count. Theory crawls backward and gets to one knee. Clothesline to Kross and release suplex as Gargano cheers him on. Kross hits a Saito suplex twice in response and Theory slumps. He signals for Theory to get up and hits a forearm to the back of the head, then keeps doing it again and again even though Theory is already down and out on the canvas, applying the Kross Jacket for the stoppage to boot.

The winner of this contest: Karrion Kross

Finn Bálor is behind him. “I don’t wait in lines. I want my rematch.” Kross: “I want it as bad as you. Let’s do this.” Bálor: “Done!” Finn Bálor backs away and Kross’ music plays. Commercial!

William Regal is interrupted by Leon Ruff. He tells Ruff he’s not letting him compete tonight. Ruff says he had the medical team clear him. Regal says that’s fine but he’s not competing tonight. Ruff starts screaming at Regal and throwing aside everything he has on his desk. The veins in Regal’s neck are practically bulging as he says no, get out! We move on.

MSK vs. Breezango (non title match)

Breeze and Wes Lee start the match off. Lee shoots Breeze off and he rolls his way up to the top rope and lays there like he’s resting in a hammock. From there Breeze and Lee are trying to one up each other by scouting each other move for move, even throwing simultaneous kicks and both avoiding them. Lee sells his leg a little on the miss and both men tag in their partners. Fandango goes for an arm wringer on Carter and he hits an arm drag in response. Fandango is whipped to the corner, avoids it, knocks Carter down and gyrates. Carter responds with a dropkick and his own gyrations. Breeze blind tags in, the two collide, and the referee leapfrogs to get out of the way of the melee! We get a replay of it and a commercial break.

Wade Barrett is unhappy with Darryl Sharma (a/k/a Hornet) hogging the spotlight in the ring. Breeze is tagged in and he slingshots Wes Lee into his partner, but Fandango got the worst of it and Lee was able to give Carter the hot tag. All four men end up in a pile in the middle of the ring as Fandango breaks up the pinfall, and we get a quadruple down as they slowly get to their feet. The ref tries and fails to restore order as all four throw punches. Maybe he should do another leapfrog to get their attention? Breeze hits two superkicks and tags Fandango in. Carter cuts him off with an uppercut and climbs to the second rope. Fandango hits short punches to knock him away, but Carter hits a running knee to knock him to the floor, then hits a reverse springboard moonsault to the floor to wipe all of Breezango out! Carter gets in the ring to tag Lee in for a launching dropkick. Breeze goes for an Unprettier but we get a double team from the champions for the pin.

The winners of this contest: MSK

Johnny Gargano says William Regal hates him. “I don’t hate you. I love you. You’re the North American champion! And the marketing department made you your own headband! And you’re still facing Bronson Reed next week. Good luck!” He angrily snaps a pencil and leaves as we see a disgruntled Pete Dunne making his way backstage to the ring, which takes us to another commercial break.

Pete Dunne: “So Karrion Kross has chosen Finn Bálor. I’m not surprised, because I’m the toughest match for him. Keep ducking me mate. If anybody things I’m not the toughest man here, prove me wrong.” Leon Ruff runs out to answer the challenge and he knocks Pete Dunne out of the ring to the floor. Dunne smiles and puts his mouthguard in, and the referee calls for the bell. It’s on!

Pete Dunne vs. Leon Ruff

As Dunne is prone to do he’s trying to break the fingers on the left hand of Ruff, and Ruff is streaming in pain until Dunne silences him with right hands to the head. Ruff gets back to his feet and does a ‘rana to break free. Dunne hits a vicious clothesline to put Ruff down again and goes right back to work on the small joints of Ruff. Ruff crawls to the ropes and gets paint brushed for his trouble. It turns into a series of slaps and a kick to the back of the head followed by a missile dropkick from Ruff. Enzuigiri from Dunne in response. Clothesline from Ruff. Forearm from Dunne. Triangle choke and elbows to the head. The referee calls the match!

The winner (by referee stoppage) is Pete Dunne

Legado del Fantasma is backstage promising a new champion tonight. Escobar: “The only reason why you’re still champion is because I allowed it. That all stops tonight. Esta noche. Sangre y tradicion and two time NXT champion. KUSHIDA, see you out there.” Raquel González works out backstage as Dakota Kai cheers her on. Her title defense is next!

Two weeks from tonight Kross and Bálor will have their title match, so it looks like we won’t be waiting until Takeover after all. Franky Monet will also make her “world debut” on the 25th. Hasn’t she already debuted on NXT? How many debuts does Taya Valkyrie need?

Raquel González (champion) vs. Mercedes Martinez (NXT women’s title bout)

Turn down the lights and cue the announcer for the world title match introduction. González is getting booed by the NeXTras, so either they’re suddenly big fans of Martinez, or somebody told them not to cheer for the champ. Immediately after the bell rings Martinez clotheslines González to the outside and rolls across the apron to knock her down, charging her into a plexiglass wall and rolling into the ring to break the count before resuming the assault. Barely a minute after we’ve begun and we’re going to commercial!

The match has been continuing picture in picture during the break, and González hits a clothesline in the ring to knock Martinez down for a near fall when we return. Big slam by González for another near fall. González with a chin lock from behind but Martinez punches her way free and clubs González in the back and the chin. Martinez gets a takedown for some ground and pound but González throws her off to the floor. Martinez gets back in and applies a rear naked choke. González rams her backward into the turnbuckle twice to shake her loose. Martinez with a forearm to the jaw in response. González misses with a big boot and gets tied up in the ropes. Martinez hangs her from the top rope and snaps her to the canvas for a near all.

Martinez and González spill out to the floor after a spear from Martinez and the ref starts a double countout. Martinez gets up and throws González back in for a near fall. Martinez with right hands. González floats Martinez into the top rope and she spills to the floor. González scoops Martinez up and charges her into the turnbuckle then throws her back in for a near fall. She’s scowling and the NeXTras are booing. Martinez knocks her down and stomps on her. González with a clothesline for a near fall. Backbreaker by González. Knee to the jaw by Martinez. Fisherwoman buster! González kicks out. Big boot by González! She pulls Martinez back up for the one arm powerbomb! One, two, three. That’s the end!

Your winner and still NXT women’s champion: Raquel González

Isaiah Scott and his entourage have arrived at the CWC. The cameraman is knocked down and AJ Francis tells him “Get back up, you’ll be aight.” Commercial!

Security is throwing Gargano and Theory out of the building. The camera zooms into to Bronson Reed laying on the floor, and he stumbles to his feet saying Gargano is a dead man. Before we can go any further with that Isaiah Scott grabs a mic and says “It’s about to get spooky in NXT!” His entire entourage joins him at the top of the entrance ramp to strike a pose as the music plays, then all four of them saunter their way down to the ring in color coordinated red and black outfits matching Scott’s hairstyle.

Scott: “Swerve’s biggest mistake was trying to be something these people perceive me to be. Swerve’s house? That’s not me. You know what is me? Swerve is a savage. Swerve is disrespectful. Swerve is a dangerous man. So it only makes sense to recruit some people who feel the same way I do, starting with my man Top Dolla.” AJ Francis: “From NFL to NXT I make the top dollar every where I go.” Then he starts freestyling. “Don’t realize what’s at steak/stake, and become vegetarian. Now who hotter than Top Dolla? Nada, nada!” The mext man starts freestyling too and shows off his kicks before saying competition “might get WorldStarred.” Then their female emcee B Fab starts freestyling too. “I rapped on tour with Juicy J” she says, then proclaims herself “The dime that makes the deals.” Scott: “NXT Universe? Take a lot at what you see in the ring right now. This here is a problem. Together we produce hits. We are Hit Row. And if you didn’t know? Now you know.”

Earlier today at an auction Cameron Grimes shows up and says you can’t have one without him being there. Grimes complains that the auctioneer is talking too fast. The man out bidding him with his face hidden behind the paddle is clearly Ted DiBiase. DiBiase finally reveals his face and cackles that he’s outbid him. “You’re ruining my life Ted! You and me, let’s go!!!” DiBiase: “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, everybody’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man. And you my friend are no Million Dollar Man.” Grimes screams in anger. Commercial!

Zoey Stark and Toni Storm talk smack about each other until a match gets booked for next week at the Capitol Wrestling Center. It’s time for our next match!

Oney Lorcan (with Pete Dunne) vs. Kyle O’Reilly

As “Cool Kyle” enters the ring we get a replay of the interaction between Lorcan and O’Reilly outside the CWC earlier today to set up this match. They tie up and go into the ropes for a clean break. They get into the ropes again and Lorcan breaks at three. He pushes O’Reilly into the ropes and goes for a cheap shot right as he breaks at the last second but O’Reilly ducks it. Lorcan grounds him with legs around his head but O’Reilly reverses it and tries to lock in submissions from behind. Both men get up and Lorcan tries another cheap shot in the ropes. O’Reilly responds with a forearm of his own. Lorcan shoots him off and O’Reilly hits a shoulder tackle, but Lorcan responds with an elbow to the throat. Dunne keeps an eye on the action as Lorcan knocks his opponent down. Forearm to the spine sends O’Reilly to the apron. O’Reilly goes for an armbar in the ropes, Lorcan shakes him loose, Dunne gets in O’Reilly’s face and Lorcan wipes him out from behind to (you guessed it) send us to commercial break.

Lorcan is beating the piss out of O”Reilly when we come back. Lorcan starts throwing nasty loud chops that are turning O’Reilly’s chest bright red. O’Reilly responds with forearms and kicks, and catches a running Lorcan with a knee to the gut. More kicks and a leg sweep take Lorcan down. Forearm to the jaw. Side slam into a heel hook but Lorcan gets a rope break. O’Reilly kicks the already injured left leg from the heel hook attempt, but he goes for a guillotine choke instead and then cracks him with a knee to the jaw. Brain buster! O’Reilly to the top rope. Flying knee to the back of the head! Pinfall. Pete Dunne jumps him right away.

The winner of this contest: Kyle O’Reilly

Bobby Fish returns to make the save after having been gone for months. The NeXTras erupt and a “N-X-T” chant breaks out! O’Reilly and Fish circle each other. Fish: “It’s good to be back.” O’Reilly: “I appreciate the help but I’m doing my own thing.” Fish: “Yeah I know. You’re doing your own thing. I’ve got my own scores to settle! I’ll see you when I see you.” Fish leaves with an obvious measure of respect shown between the former brothers in arms. A video package with The Way dressed up like superheroes airs and Bronson Reed follows it with a promo. “Next week I get you (Johnny Gargano) inside a steel cage!”

KUSHIDA (champion) vs. Santos Escobar (cruiserweight title, two out of three falls)

Escobar and Legado enter first. KUSHIDA enters all by himself and hauls ass charging to the ring, and the ref has to get between them so the lights can go down for the big match intro. Escobar drills him and tosses him outside after the opening bell, and Legado try to jump him, but MSK runs out to make the save and brawl with them. The referee throws all four men out to leave only Escobar and KUSHIDA in the ring, and KUSHIDA dives off the top rope to wipe out Escobar on the floor. Commercial!

Escobar has KUSHIDA down in the middle of the ring after throwing him into the barricade during the break. Escobar sets him on the top rope and chops him in the chest as we get a pro sports style ticker on the video board like this was a soccer match, with the score being 0 to 0 with KUSHIDA and Santos both not having secured a pin or submission thus far. The announcers even say “the score is tied.” I dig presenting a match like this like it was a real sporting contest. That does something to make best of three falls different from every other stipulation match. Escobar goes for the surfboard and then rolls for a chinlock and some chops to the chest as KUSHIDA winces in pain. Escobar rolls him over for a near fall.

Escobar stretches KUSHIDA in the ropes and the ref makes him break clean. Escobar keeps up the attack as Beth Phoenix reminds us it’s a “level playing field” because “nobody has scored” yet. Whoever is on the headset telling them to call it this way, please keep it up. Is that you Paul? If so thank you. Escobar winds up for a chop and KUSHIDA tries to walk it off, but he’s pushed right back to the corner. Escobar goes top rope, KUSHIDA shoves him, Escobar climbs right back up and pummels KUSHIDA in the head. He whistles to celebrate as KUSHIDA slumps. Escobar climbs back up again and does a ‘rana but KUSHIDA rolls through for a near fall. Hand spring reverse elbow for KUSHIDA. Arm drag. Drop kick to the head. Escobar responds with a knee and a Phantom Driver for the first fall! Escobar 1-0. KUSHIDA locks in an arm breaker and Escobar taps! 1-1. Commercial!

Escobar and KUSHIDA are fighting on the floor when we come back. They get to the ring apron, Escobar snaps his left arm off the ropes and does a running suicide dive to knock KUSHIDA down. He throws KUSHIDA back into the ring for two near falls. KUSHIDA hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT and both men are down. KUSHIDA rolls to the apron and Escobar gets up only to be knocked down when KUSHIDA jumps off the ropes. KUSHIDA kicks him in the head aand baseball slides to the outside. Bulldog to the pretty black mats! The ref starts to count them both out. What good would that do when it’s a best of three falls? The match can’t end in a tie. Escobar goes for a roll up and KUSHIDA kicks out. KUSHIDA goes for the Hoverboard Lock. Inside cradle for another near fall. Leg lariat by Escobar. Escobar goes for the Phantom Driver but KUSHIDA escapes. Bridging pins both ways. Double clothesline! Both men are down and we’re going past the top of the hour.

Escobar is the first to get back up, KUSHIDA charges. Escobar puts him on the top rope and kicks him in the head. Escobar climbs up and puts KUSHIDA on his shoulders. KUSHIDA spins around to the front and goes airborne into a Hoverboard Lock! Escobar crawls for the ropes. KUSHIDA drags him away but Escobar gets it on the second attempt. Escobar pushe shim into the corner as KUSHIDA tries to apply it again. KUSHIDA brings him back to the center for a bridging suplex and gets the pin! 2-1, it’s done.

The winner and still cruiserweight champion: KUSHIDA

That’s all for NXT this week!

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